Samsung or iPhone?

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The war between iPhone and androids- especially Samsung has been around for as long as I can remember. iPhones are pretty cool, especially with their fabulous camera quality. Other than that, there’s nothing that separates it from other phones except, of course, the highly promoted brand name. Before continuing with this article, let me state it categorically that I am a user of both brands. I have got a Samsung Galaxy Tab. A (2016) and a now primitive iPhone 6S. I actually got the iPhone specifically for the picture quality to enhance my Doctoral research.

That being said, there are quite a few advantages that using a Samsung has over using an iPhone. Keep reading to find out why you should probably opt for a Samsung the next time you go phone shopping. Besides, this is purely my opinion as everyone has got their biases. But hey, they are plausible/verifiable opinions!

Samsung is cheaper!

As shown by most price lists on the net, a Samsung phone is usually cheaper than an iPhone of the same grade. Even with these price differences, both phones still perform the same functions, have the same camera quality and the same storage capacity.
Sometimes, apps that cannot be found on the app store are even available on the play store. It is also a common fact that to get music on your iPhone you have to pay a certain amount every month. This is more expensive than using a Samsung as you can just download music directly from the internet.

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Getting games on an iPhone is also more costly as most games have to be paid for. It is also possible to swap old Samsung phones for newer versions in some phone stores, unlike iPhones. Recently, Apple has announced that new iPhones will no longer come with chargers and headphones. This poses a problem as you will need an extra 60 USD or even more to purchase these separately, increasing the cost once again. So, if you do not have a lot of money to spare, Samsung is the way to go.

Easier to access accessories

Apple always has to be different so even the tiniest details such as charging cables are different from those of other phones. A Samsung charger is much easier to obtain as it is the same as most other Android chargers. It is more difficult to access iPhone parts especially in regions where most people can’t afford them.

Other things such as phone cases and screen protectors are also easier to find for Samsung phones. It is common to have to ship iPhone accessories which usually costs a lot more. It is also easier to find Samsung parts for repairs, making repair costs significantly lower. This could also make it more likely for you to use a Samsung longer than you would an iPhone. Thus, it is safe to say that Samsung will save you a lot of money and energy as almost all of its parts and accessories are can be found in any part of the world.

Compatibility with other devices

I remember trying to render some work information from my iPhone to an android. At first, it was really difficult to understand the procedure and when I finally got it done, iBooks was not suitable for opening the document. Even this one example shows how difficult it is to effectively use a phone that has features suited only to phones made by its own company.

With a Samsung, using xender, transferring files and many other things are much easier as it is much more compatible with other phones due to its common operating system. Samsung is also easier to work with professionally as it will connect readily to televisions and projectors regardless of their brand. This is because most other devices run on a version of the Android operating system.


Another scenario involves using a Samsung charger, for example, during a presentation where you need to connect your phone to a computer. It is more likely that you will find a USB cord that is compatible with your phone than an iPhone cord. Although this might seem trivial, it can be very useful if you find yourself in sticky situations.

More up to date with applications

Due to apple’s refusal to include quite several free apps in their app store, using an iPhone can get annoying sometimes. For example, apps like "any books", which is very useful for getting free fictional and educational books cannot be found on the app store. This can be a bit of a downer if you were formerly using an android. Having to opt for other available apps can be frustrating as they are not usually up to standard. With a Samsung however, you will experience nothing like this. The operating system created by Google is always fully updated on all apps.

These can all be easily downloaded for free most times. So, if you’re trying to stay on top of technological updates and want to explore the widest array of apps, be sure to get a Samsung.

Better Storage capacity

If you plan on getting one of the older versions of the iPhone, you are likely to experience problems with space as the older phones do not come with an extra port for an SD card. This can be a bit of a setback as only the storage capacity of the phone is what is available for use.

This was countered with the use of the cloud which is an online space that can be used to store excess data that can’t be kept on the phone. However, the free space on the cloud might not be enough. This means that one has to pay more to be able to keep all of one’s data. With Samsung, only the latest version does not come with an SD card port.
This may be because it has up to 512 GB of storage space. This shows that it is smarter to go for a Samsung and be on the safe side rather than ending up having to purchase space on iCloud

Finally, the battery!

Yes. Here in Nigeria where electricity is highly unstable, it is not uncommon to find iPhone users moving around with their chargers. Not like Samsung users do not do the same but not as much as iPhone users. The battery life of Samsung phones can never be comparable to iPhone - I have used both, so, I know what I am saying.


From all of the points I have explained above, it is obvious that the more reliable brand is Samsung especially if you live in a region where iPhones are not exactly popular. Getting a Samsung will save you money, time and help keep you on top of your game. So, I will pose the question again:

Samsung or iPhone?


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