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RE: Ways of income for Engagement Project + Major code update ( with explanation ) to check the comment quality

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My friend, I take advantage of this post to ask you what your commenting project consists of, since at Hive we have, together with @eddiespino, a project to rate comments while educating the community to encourage them to leave valuable comments on posts.

You can visit our blog and learn more about our project @elcomentador. I am interested to know how we could implement something similar at LeoFinance and if there is a possibility to work together.

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Hello @garybilbao . I got some idea by looking at your blog , can you drop your discord id here so that I can reach you there ?

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Very well, I will write to you and we will have a better conversation, I think we can do something great.

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Absolutely . Let me know your discord if you want to talk over there.

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garybilbao (El Comentador)#0543