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RE: Python Libraries: 'Who Didn't Vote'

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I vote comments too, most of them, and yep it's the same for me, loads of them who comment but don't vote on the actual post. It seems counter productive to me.

I don't have the ability to track it as you do so tend just to move on with things...But the G-dog remembers. 😉


Nice post. Great ideas we should all share. Follow and upvote please! ;)

Looks like you have a trail of comment votes. Is it people looking to sweep up that lucrative comment upvote curation coinage?

I don't know, but valueless comments don't get my vote. I've heard that behind the scenes those who vote comments are talked about and shared, and the shit comments come rolling in.

Maybe I should give those comments votes - Downvotes. 🤔

I've heard that behind the scenes those who vote comments are talked about and shared

There is?... now where did you get that info? You can tell me 'elsewhere' 😀

Messaged you mate.

Dish up that juicy scammer gossip!

Yeah, if only it was idle gossip; it's a reality though.

It doesn't have to be idle just because it's gossip!

Well yeah, I guess gossip is gossip either way.

...But the G-dog remembers.

LOL.. so do I, or did! I ran this script again this morning against this post.. and only 1 person didn't do the biz. There's always one heh..

Remember Highlander?

"There can only be one."

But we know there's more than one huh?

😀😀.. how could I forget..!

  • Where are you from Nash?
    'many different places'...

A top notch movie from ye olden days.

Okay, I LOL'ed at "The G-dog remembers".

Nothing wrong with a lol now and then right?