Happy 60th Gagarin day! - Watch the spectacular Russian celebrations

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Today, 12. April 2021, marks 60 years since Mankind first left our planet and ventured into space. In other words, it is the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first spaceflight.

And while most of the world's space community may be limited to celebrating Gagarin Day indoors with a beer, the Russians put together a spectacular outdoor drone show.

Watch the spectacular Russian celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first spaceflight on YouTube here. Source: The Moscow Times

It's incredible to consider how much has happened in the 60 years since this historic event. What was then part of the pinnacle of the competition between two world-powers, is now celebrated widely all around the world.

Today, leaders of western Space Agencies are instead seen congratulating the Russian general director of Roscosmos (Russia's national space agency) on the anniversary. Adding also how they look forward to future collaboration in space. Quite tha contrast!

Comments made by РОГОЗИН, general director of Roscosmos, today as remarks for the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight.

For non-Russians, the tweet reads:

Friends, compatriots! I congratulate you on the 60th anniversary of the great flight of Yuri Gagarin into space! Glory to the Soviet heroes-pioneers of outer space!
I wish new victories to the successors of the work of our fathers - the workers of the rocket and space industry in Russia!
Happy Cosmonautics Day!

It isn't just the space community's shared appreciation of both American and Russian accomplishments in space that have changed. Today, the European Space Agency and Russia are increasingly collaborating to achieve common goals in space. In fact, in the recent job opening put out on finn.io (Norway's largest platform for open job applications) of the job of Astronaut for ESA, which was just recently published, states that a requirement for applying is the willingness to learn Russian! So perhaps even more so than a cause for celebration of Gagarin would be the political and social progress that we've made since.

I could have turned this post into a long summary of Yuri Gagarin's life and mission, but take it for granted that most of you know the story. Instead, it feels nice to share what to me and most of my friends and professional network is always a day worth celebrating. And it was nice to also see such great media coverage of the celebrations in Russia which thus gives mention to Gagarin!

Happy Gagarin day! :)


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Hi, sorry as this is not very much related to your post but I can see you have a real passion for science. I am trying to find authors or groups which are more serious about science and technology, especially about energy technology.

Would you have any recommendations? I am trying to get started on Hive and I am starting my energy technology studies next autumn, so I was hoping to find some people interested in same topics. Haven't been able to find anything yet, as I would like to see how other people are posting about technology and science.

No problem, always nice to see new faces around :).
When I first started writing and sharing content here almost 4 years ago, it was while I was working at the European Space Agency and wanted to both write about being a young professional (at the time) in the space sector as well as giving my own commentary and thoughts on recent events in the sector.

At the time, #stemsocial and its community was crucial in both providing me support on my posts, as well as a social circle to be with. My best suggestion would be to explore that community as well as stemgeeks.net.

Thank you! I went through a few posts from the community and I found some very interesting posts and authors. I am looking forward to see what the people on Hive have to offer with their knowledge.