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RE: Trying out the HifiMan Sundara headphones

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Nice review. I still prefer cordless, such as the bose qc35, and i am very happy to date. Like the complexity you have in using them for many things, I even added another requirement which is outside environments and noise canceling for wind or noise. Bose need the setting adjustment for when its too windy (from high to medium) but with a button click it works very well.

Like you I am looking for a step up.. but i am not sure if the sony ones or keep on bose and try the 700 version. I know it’s too expensive for what it does… but for a requirement I have is quite good.

Any views, experience on these?

 last year 

I generally avoid wireless, but I did just switch to a wireless mouse Razer Viper Ultimate which I love. They now use custom wifi, so they don't have the latency of BlueTooth and are on par with cored.

I'm not sure if there are any headphones that can do the same, I don't want any delays for gaming, especially with audio.

I have no experience in anything wireless unfortunately.

Ok... I mean... never witnessed delays with bluetooth headphones... With mouse yes... I agree with you and I use wired ones for that reason. But sound never got a problem, or at least never noticed that way. Even on shootthemup kind of stuff.

Mouses get destroyed by me... the buttons max clicks are just something that lasts 3 to 4 years max for me. keyboards thought, last forever almost.

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I have the complete opposite experience, keyboards (even though I buy high end ones) tend to act up over time, where mice I just tend to want something better.