Semiconductor Technology -A Scientific Revolution.

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Technology where it is heading today is so wide and spacious that we could see more possible inventions and advancement in the field which will help us to build a nice turnover in science and help us to become stronger in the days to come.But,science wasnt built in a day like Rome wasnt built in overnight,it took years of practice and devotion, self sacrifice which helped to guide our way towards a developed world.Maybe what we achieved in a decades time, will be more useful in the future world where we are heading towards, but whatever the cause it is we must be mindful of how the technologies formed during those days.


Let us today, discover one of the key ingredient that helped us to establish a more secure and enriched with many technologies we now can use and avail of to do tasks which once seemed very difficult to do.Today ww would try to talk about The Semiconductor Technology,which plays a central role in building up new technology and produces different products and tools which is practically so useful in our day to day life, that w just cant think about our life without it.

Semiconductor is basically a very familiar concept of modern physics and electronics.Scientists found out that, there are chemical substances which has the Potential to be more reactive then metals and insulator, with the chemical property which makes it a substance worth of conducting high nuclear ability to transport electron and current, better electrolysis, raises the magnetic property etc.etc.
Now, being aware of these benefits, scientists planned to use the power of it to form new designs of materials basically electronic equipments that can be easily used in all the sectors like, modern thermodynamic engines,better octa core designed batteries,in processors, junction diode, transistors, mechanics and other elementary devices.

Now, I wonder if a single semiconductor material could replace all of these items one by one and bring massive convenient to the electronic sectors than we could possibly use it to make many things and inventory products to obtain smart benefits.Like we can use this technology in our smartphones,mobile,ipads,making processor of these smart mobiles and what is the staggering part of these semiconductors are that, they are lighter in weight,low knocking, high frequency voltage capacity,durable, flexible, can be converted to other forms and help us to give this to any device we like.


Thats what the fringe benefit and like I just said,few decades ago scientist also had the similar thought procees and they formulated new methods in moden day science to back these products up and use them in different contexts which could basically bring scientific revolution where we stand up today.Now after knowing the formula, scientists began to wark hard to find if they could use that tech in smart phone world and make lighter designs.But, it is the true reality that if you try heart and soul to make anything work for you,then sooner or later you would end up finding the answer for which you worked for.

Like this ideology, scientists came out successful to find a solution to upgrade mobile phone technology and making the smart phone tech on the basis of this technology and now we can all use this everyday,smartphones today have become an inseparable parts of life, as we use it to everyday purpose.Now, semiconductor technology is at its infancy and still more is left to discover and invent.We never know and cant predict what is going to be the next technology to come, but surely we would find the tech world in a more sophisticated and upgraded manner.

At the same time we would hope that, science will continue to bring more positive outcome in our life and help us to achieve what we really want to achieve from it. Science would be useful in the long run, if it can provide us all the good side of it and keep discovering many things that works for humanity.

Thank you so much.

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