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Hi STEMGeeks,

Today,I would like to bring one of my personal stories that is related to science and technology. I am going to write an article here, describing my personal experience and how I feel about the recent tech in farming sector & agriculture. Please,be patient to read my write out.

Science is flourishing to the utmost of its pace, with highest degree of development, now we can hope for a better future up ahead, as the maintenance of progress in leading innovation and cutting edge tech is helping to solve peoples problems and bringing new products to the common users and customers, not only in elite few of the society but the people in general is enjoying the taste of science in their regular life.Thats what make us to be really optimistic about science and its usefulness.


Looking at the index of the content charts of science, I would rather be more genuine in praising the community who worked behind to popularise the scientific fields and let people enjoy its blessings. What gets my interest in the peak, is that when rural people living in poor conditions have the access to the scientific tools, its really a praiseworthy and true success to be said indeed.Most of the core belief is rooted in the notion that,Innovation Is Meant For The Upper Class Of The Society,and low class people arent up for grabs in the blessings of science. That really makes my life poor,if my poor neighbourhood and villagers dont get what is at the heart of modern civilization, Science &Tech.


But,so far science has been successful in fulfilling the promise that I kept in my mind for so long time.I have a nice story to tell to you.Its about my village and the people.You know,I live in a village where most of the people are illiterate and no learning acquaintance with science and they lead their life by the means of farming.In older days,there were a few hand made manipulative tools that were used to plough in the farmland and cutting crops machines,everything was manual and farmers had to work really hard to harvest the paddy,and converting it into rice that we eat.Similar story for producing other crops.

Nowadays, modern technology tried something exceptional in lessening their pain and suffering. Putting aside the urban trends focus to rural farming sector,more and more diversified machines are getting produced and the farmers are well recognised with the usage of these items.So,thanks goes to the scientists community who put forward the noble idea to simplify science and tech,and make it user friendly and easy to use for semi-literate people to operate it and use it in their farming sector to grow more foods and feed our hungry bellies.


Not only breeding and spawning machine is available but,light tractor,pumping machines,digital balance and pans, grass cutting machine is giving enough support to the farmers who are continuously working to bring crops and resist food shortage.
More of what is,food science and agricultural science is getting promoted,automated,theories and lab tests are providing enough knowledge support to the farmers to be more in the good side of science and harvesting.

All these things made by science really let me to be more devoted to the contribution led by the science in the field of agriculture and rural farming sector where we see much improvement nowadays.Proof is here in my own native homeland,and when I look at the farmers that they are smiling that gives me a pleasure and I feel peace in my mind to be thankful to science and its collaboration.

Thanks For Sliding & Reading Out the Blog.

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