How Artificial Intelligence Changed The World Of Science.

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Hello, StemGeeks,

Today,in an age of science where we live,the living conditions rely mostly on the automation done by science and technology. Its really an amazing fact to mention that,not only the people who work for making progress but the large scale production heavily relies on computer assisted robots and the mechanic tools in most circumstances.
I would rather like to say a few words in opining the magical AI (Artificial Intelligence) which single handedly changed the way we look at things and manipulate scientific works and solving the problems we face everyday.



AI is basically a field which hovers in the relatively newer age of science, the 20th century when the face of the earth saw a new growth in science,probably the time when technology came out popping in plenty and AI was the freshest ingredient in the recipe of tech.Today,as the world is dominated by science, where we cannot hope of a single day to be lived without the touch of it. In fact, our households, office chores,business sectors,monetizing zones,banking area, education, commerce, industrial fields where else not we see science making revolution. But its really a fact to say that these services are mostly run by robots and motorcorps that suitably helps to make ways for general people, by substituting the human labour and bringing more happiness and comforts for people all across the globe.



Robots are basically formulated using the knowledge of robotics and AI.The notion and primary concept that fosters to create more unique design and smart machines,scientists are to use software input and motor sensor commands to the robots. Artificial robots are do programmed to work under suitable and fixed conditions, but today we see, robots not only doing stereotyped works in a repeated fashion but these robots are continuously proving their worth to do something creative and exceptional.

The intelligence level is so gross that you cant but be amazed to see how they behave, its simply outstanding, and for thathat important annexation,I must say we have to give a thumbs up and credit to all the scientists and technician who worked behind to bring more sophisticated robots and raise the level of their productivity. Its also good to see technology is evolving and day by day,motor intelligence is getting smarter and efficient and its also encouraging feat to see when the robots play tricks, perform multi-formulated tasks within a short time and act accordingly.I am personally so mesmerisied at the success of the community.



There was a time when we used to see robots doing gigantic actions, saving peoples lives,doing superhuman jobs and outplaying humans in some levels, but it was all in science fiction section,even we could see all those things in movies We can recall the Terminator movie,where the movie was based on the concept of robots reigning havoc and leading catastrophe to the peoples property and lives . But, it was back then a matter of movie thing,but as we look today, the real virtual science and tech brought the actual reasonable robots in places like industries, commerce and trade,offices, shopping malls, market and everywhere in city life.

In the end,I just can say that,science in AI field is a field with great potential.We dont say what we will get ultimately in this sector,but the morning shows the day,here in AI the morning is so bright that we can be optimistic about the future and hope for even more better day to come.

Thanks For Reading, Guys.

Best Regards,

Bruce Rashford.


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