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A Humble Gift from a Little Bird

During the Ming Dinasty, Admiral Zheng He led the largest fleet the world would have ever seen, not to conquer to world, but it was a mission of scientific discovery, trade and friendship. It was not yet known at that time, but it was mankind's first attempt at what we call today as Globalisation. But today is not Zheng He's story, it was about a gift he brought back to the Emperor, a nest of a bird that unbeknown at that time, would become the symbol of health and wealth.

At that time, Traditional Chinese Medicine was already at its peak, and physicians of that time discovered that the properties from the Swiftlet's nest was indeed beneficial for health. Today, the descendant's would habitually purchase these nest for their wives who are expecting, or for their aged parents, without giving it a second thought, as it is done so by their ancestors. I was fortunate to have stumbled upon these, and heavily researched on it for a group of investors. The Swiflet - Aerodramus - "Faciphagus, Maximus, and Collocalia" (scientific name) is only found in Southeast Asia. The Swiftlet family is hard to be grouped up even by scientist.

In lay man term, its physical figure and biological characteristics are a mix of from different timezones. For Geeks, you can look into "taxonomic" and "systematic". The reason for this species to be so untouched is fairly simple. Throughout the ages, their habitat has always been in caves high above the mountains and these Swiftlet's does not land land on ground. As a matter of fact, a single Swiftlet eats 1000 insects a day, and they only eat flying insects.
Another reason why they evolve so slowly, or rather they didn't evolve for eons is because these birds are monogamous, once they found their partner, they are partners for life.

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What is so Special About its Nest

The Swiflets nest is made out of saliva, because of its special gnome construct, if I'm not wrong, its nest is one of the few water soluble proteins available in this world. It is called Glycoprotein. These are molecules that comprise protein and carbohydrate chains that are involved in many physiological functions including immunity.Many viruses have glycoprotein (remember the systematic construct) that help them enter bodily cells, but can also serve as therapeutic or preventive targets. Source News Medical

Source BBC

In layman terms, it means consuming bird's nest increases your body's immunity and because of the cell penetration effect, it tremendously increases the efficacy of any nutrition you consume at the cellular level.

If you have any questions regarding Birds Nest or regenerative medicine please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I'll do my best to answer you to the best of my memory HAHA!

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