First Post on STEMGEEKS (1K STEM Staked)

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Hello everyone! This is my first post in the community, a community i wanted to join for a long time! Some of you may know me from Leo,Hive or Steemit for the old dogs out there

In Steemit i used to write for SteemStem community, sometimes even daily but now due to limited time, i will be happy if i post here once a week!


As you can see above i didn't join empty handed. I staked 1k STEM as i believe i can give a little value with my upvotes and show my appreciation towards others!

Now Regarding the content i will write. I am into psycology, nature and astronomy so most likely you gonna see relevant posts! Kindly let me know of some appropriate tags i should use as well as if their is a discord chanell! Please also share with me anything you might deem useful!


This is my first and last post that is generic in here, i just wanted to say hello and ask a couple of things along the way! i am glad i am here at last!

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