Exoplanet Exploration: My new series of Posts!

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I was checking about exoplanets as i am really fond of this matter. I just can't hide my curiosity about what exists out there. There are so many interesting things around exoplanets and their exploration so you will come along with me on an epic journey in space!

The plan is to make you all more aware of exoplanets in general and their importance to us simple humans. I will try and simplify everything as my intention is for everyone reading to actually understand it.

I used to write about exoplanets in my Steemit days so i am not unfamiliar with the whole concept and purpose. I am also gonna explain the different methods that exist as well how the exoplanets are categorized and why.


I will also show you some of these exoplanets and share a few interesting information about them. So some of my posts will be more informative regarding the techniques and categorizations and other posts will be simply highlighting some of the planets.

For example, a new exoplanet discovered in 2020 is called HD 216520 b and is categorized as Neptune type (more about this in my next post). A "funny" thing is that its orbital period is 35.5. Just in case any of you are unfamiliar, Earth has an orbital period of 365 days!

Last but not least, i won't stop writing about animal/psychology-related content just a little add up to spice things up!

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