Share your most exciting science breakthrough competition! Winner !

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Ok so my second competition fell a bit flat with only one entry so I might have to go back to the drawing board before I try this again :(

Ok so the questions was

Whats best science breakthrough

All you had to do was comments and win!

OK so the prizes

1st Prize 10 STEM
2nd Prize 5 STEM
3rd Prize 1 STEM

However, we only had 1 entry so I am going to give 16 STEM to them!

And the winner was @luizeba with a lovely peice on articfical reefs

I love this one, even if it's already a bit old: Microfragmentation! It's the restoration of reefs through artificial procedures.

You can read more about it here and here. Reefs are incredibly beautiful and extremely important for the ocean's ecosystems, and creating one in a lab gives a very futuristic/sci-fi vibe.

Ok so if you have any more ideas for how I can improve this competion please let me know because I am having alot of fun learning! Ill even drop you some PIZZA!


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Well, I'm happy for being the winner, but sad that I was the only contestant :(

I found out about the contest in TheTerminal Discord channel; as a suggestion, you could share the contest in more channels, in order to attract more people. For example, $Pizza has their own Channel, and OCD has one too.

Good idea !PIZZA

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