Share your most exciting science breakthrough competition! Win some STEM

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Hi All,

Seems like this is allowed, as the mods have not removed me yet!

I love learning science facts and would like to learn more so I thought what better community to ask!

ok ok but what about that STEM you mentioned 😕

Ok so I'm not just going to expect some answers, good scientific knowledge deserves some reward so all you need to do is drop your best science breakthroughs below in the comments and win some STEM also the funniest one will win some !PIZZA

OK so the prizes

1st Prize 10 STEM
2nd Prize 5 STEM
3rd Prize 1 STEM

Funniest wins some PIZZA

Winner will be drawn in 7 days and we need at least 3 entries!


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I love this one, even if it's already a bit old: Microfragmentation! It's the restoration of reefs through artificial procedures.

You can read more about it here and here. Reefs are incredibly beautiful and extremely important for the ocean's ecosystems, and creating one in a lab gives a very futuristic/sci-fi vibe.

I will double the prices with an upvote!