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Hi All,

Hope this is allowed, if not mods let me know and I'll remove.

I love learning science facts and would like to learn more so I thought what better community to ask!

ok ok but what about that STEM you mentioned 😕

Ok so I'm not just going to expect some answers, good scientific knowledge deserves some reward so all you need to do is drop your best science face below in the comments and win some STEM also the funniest one will win some !PIZZA

OK so the prizes

1st Prize 10 STEM
2nd Prize 5 STEM
3rd Prize 1 STEM

Funniest wins some PIZZA

Winner will be drawn in 7 days and we need at least 3 entries!


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A cats purr is a multi frequency vibration between 25hz and 150hz. Research has shown it to be a healing frequency. The lower range promotes an increase in bone density. The higher frequency promotes can relax the mind and body.
Hope you like the factoid :"D

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Brilliant! !PIZZA

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Science can actually provide no facts based on the way the scientific method works. All hypothesis' are "proven" through tests that do lead us to a truth but can never 100% guarantee that it is a fact, hence why theories keep evolving over time as new evidence "disproves" old theories. It is all inductive reasoning which can never 100% prove anything. Science is not a sham because of it, quite the contrary... but most people "trust the science" and don't actually know what science can and cannot do.

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Brilliant, it's constantly evolving !PIZZA

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