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RE: When Should People Where Masks?

in STEMGeeks11 months ago

People should choose for themselves and not be compelled by law to do so. I wear a mask sometimes, and if I am sick, I avoid other people. Its common courtesy, but I will not be forced by the government to wear a mask. I still haven't gotten COVID through this entire ordeal, but even with people who make the "right decisions", according to the media, they still get COVID. People need to stop freaking out and stop acting from a position of moral superiority because karma is a bitch.


When government mandates masks, it takes away the ability of people to think for themselves.

When people are compelled to wear masks, they are likely to do it incorrectly and end up spreading the disease.

When people wear masks voluntarily, they are likely to think about what they are doing.

People engaged in voluntary action usually do a better job than people who are compelled to act.


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