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Starting anew comment thread.

Looking at what I found a couple of pages into the book from where I stopped reading yesterday. Its Death's End by Cixin Liu, excerpts from pages 76 and 77.



It's not directly related to nuclear fusion technology yet I hope there are obvious parallels to reasoning.

Another thought - the trick also is how to use a primitive technology in a novel way. Thinking out of the box, disregarding consequences and fears, ... Sociology, I told you :)

OK, I am off for tonight. It was really nice meeting you.


Death's End. What a wonderful title. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for posting the excerpt.

Yeah, technology will certainly transform society. Fusion power will be such a technology. I imagine that, whenever it's implemented, the technology will be robust and economical. In our generation, it just isn't, but we're still in the experimental stage.

One type of fusion I read about was Laser Chirp-Pulse fusion. This type still lies within the theoretical-experimental area of science. It's where you use ultra-high power lasers or extremely short periods of time to induce fusion within a fuel source. The end result is mindboggling: near instantaneous conversion of fusion products into electrical energy with little to no radiation emission. Crazy.

Regarding death, however, I feel is another ball game entirely. Will we get to a point where we won't die? I believe so, but there are a host of sociological issues related to the availability of immortality throughout society.

Good morning and yes. The change that technology brings has far greater implications than the technical advance itself.

Have a great Wednesday.

Ps: Death's End is book number three in the series. If you wish to read it whole you have around 1,100 pages to read before you reach this part. Your call :)

Google for the Dark Forest theory. It's the title of the second book and the premise ending it. Actually, the premise is is it possible to escape the dark forest?