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RE: Perception of nuclear power and nuclear fusion in the US

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Thanks for your article, links, and optimism. Have a great weekend.

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It is not so much optimism as it is belief in profit motivation. If nuclear fusion, especially cold fusion, becomes practical technology, it will be so much more efficient that it is almost impossible to imagine it not prevailing.

The success of a cheap and reliable power source can bring all sorts of issues, mostly political and power-related ...

Oh, you mean if a cheap suitcase-size device can power your whole town, your state-sponsored power monopoly may not get its cut and might get upset? 😀

Exactly :)

Well, they will need lots of enforcers to keep things the way they are - and you can only take this so far when you are clearly behind the curve. :)

True. I am counting on it that their house of fake cards will collapse, better sooner than later.

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