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         It's been a long time since I felt I needed a laptop. The last time I used one was during college over eight years ago. Recently, I purchased an Asus Vivobook for myself. This year, my commitments push me to work on stuff on the go between going up and down the I-15. So yeah, there will be times when I'm in another city for several hours because I don't want to drive that much.

         I purchased an Asus Vivobook off of Newegg for around $600. I don't need a fancy machine. I only need one to do some word processing and maybe even my writing hobby on Hive. I like the number pad on the laptop's keyboard. It would make typing out numbers a lot easier. In my case, it's better for some data entry functions.

         The most annoying part of getting a new device is setting it up. Of course, I won't show you the setup I have for work because there is too much confidential information. To be safe, I will make sure work and hobby-related items won't be on at the same time.

         I downloaded Brave and put up my go-to extensions. I also downloaded programs I use frequently onto this device. As silly as it sounds, Discord is on the list of programs.

         I wasn't expecting this error from Keychain. I don't know if I'm bothered enough to ask @stoodkev or other devs on Discord. I'm pretty sure I haven't changed keys in between exporting and importing, but whatever. I'll just grab a USB with my keys saved on it to manually enter them into the extension.

         For those with a little bit of paranoia like me, I shut the camera off. I'll turn it on when I need it for a virtual meeting. I thought about taping it, but I didn't want to dirt the lens. Given this laptop will most likely be used in public places, I'm not sure how high of a priority it is.

         For those of you who are nerdy, here are some specs for the device. Like I said before, it's nothing fancy. It'll get the job done. I'm not the type who would play high-end games on a laptop anyways.

         Toss in an old CM Storm mouse (the wheel is not quite functional) and I'm good to go. I'm going to see if I can find an old laptop bag somewhere. Then, my mobile work/hobby unit is complete. Hopefully, this setup will be good for the next several years.

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I was the same recently, mostly did everything on a mobile phone because work supplies the laptop.

They're relatively cheap these days and quite easy to get. Nice selection

 4 months ago 

I would do everything on a mobile phone, but it would kinda annoying. Also, I would probably need a separate phone for that function.

In childhood, we spend a lot of time playing, exploring and developing, but as we become older, responsibilities, chores, and professions take over our lives. While those are definitely important, it’s also critical to allow yourself some quality leisure time.

 4 months ago 

Quality leisure time for me these days is sitting around doing nothing. lol

Lol very true, for me too, being relaxed without doing anything is a victory in my life.

Are you happy with the Ryzen? I haven't had much luck with the AMD processors below the Thread Ripper line. They just seem to be much slower.

 4 months ago 

I don't know if there exist many opportunities to compare. I just need this laptop to do some stuff at work and write on Hive here and there.

Fair enough.

!1UP Configuring a new computer is boring but at the same time very cool, as it generates the anxiety of getting everything ready to finally try out your new companion. I've never used a notebook that, despite being practical, never attracted my attention.

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 4 months ago 

It's so boring that I put it off for several days since it arrived. lol

lol I even have fun, except when some persistent problem happens...

an American not using only Apple products? what has this world devolved to ? :P

 4 months ago 

The only things I use that are Apple are my iPhone and AirPods.

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