What will the metaverse be like?

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         As the crypto market goes into its final gear towards the end of this bull cycle, there's been a lot of buzz. Much of that excitement comes from the hype of NFTs and the metaverse. If you've been listening to various crypto content, some say the metaverse is the next big thing. The rebranding of Facebook also further support this evolving reality.

         How does that affect the world we live in? For one, as technology improves, there is less and less employment opportunities. To be more specific, less opportunities in areas where the tech displaces people. Of course, this doesn't mean no new job opportunities are out there. But, where are these new jobs? They would appear to be in places we never thought was possible before.

         Take e-sports, for example, those were not a thing 10, 20 years ago. Today, even the most average joe could generate revenue from gaming. It has only gotten easier over time. This is evident from games such as Axie Infinity or Splinterlands. Are games where people will go when there's no meaningful jobs where they are at? Or can they be alternatives to those who lost their jobs to automation?

         Even the transition into more automatous production is not instantaneous or smooth. Take a look at the current supply chain issues. While poor policies led to this path, it's not like we have a massive mechanized armada waiting to deploy. There's no mass relief effort when the powers that be decide to let go of the current obstacles in place.

         Back to the topic of the metaverse. A darker take of that movement towards that future is that it becomes an escape from drudgery. A sad, but not impossible, possibility is that people will still be exploited by those in power. Or at least, profit from exploitation with little to no repercussion.

         One of such takes is from a web comic I've been reading recently called Clinic of Horrors. It's a horror comedy about a dystopian city where corruption and mutation are common. Everything looks grim, but medicine can pretty much treat almost anything.

         In one arc, the webcomic made its commentary about the metaverse. True to its settings, it depicts the exploits and loss of humanity as people choose to stay in their other world.

         Here are the fan dubs of the story arc.

         What do you think?

         A lot of stuff to take in there. It touched on some of the talking points you may have seen around the internet. Some of the stuff depicted, like organ harvesting, are terrifying thoughts. The metaverse is portrayed almost like the opium dens of the 19th Century.

         Is the metaverse going to bring new freedom? Or is it another shackle humanity has invented for themselves? I suppose in the unknowns of the 21st Century, anything is possible, for better or worse.

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For the better or the worst, I think the metaverse will be more like the VR/AR things we see in manga/novels. While we might have the government as part of the economy, the new worlds is going to have it's own rules. In a way, I don't know if it will be true freedom but I do think it will be better because we can move from place to place if we want to.

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 11 months ago 

In a way, I don't know if it will be true freedom but I do think it will be better because we can move from place to place if we want to.

That's assuming you don't end up like the people in the gaming café in the vids.

Well...I don't think the housing crisis will be that bad if all most of it is done in the virtual world. After all, you might be able to satisfy it online but I wonder if that is what the people in charge want us to do.

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 11 months ago 

I was thinking more along the lines of the vulnerable being exploited in even more grotesque ways.

It's going to begin more waifus to life. AI waifus who can hold a conversation, store data and recognize you like a friend without flesh, going to be blunt that the future of waifu tech will be revolutionary for people to customise their companionship and it will be in demand as relationships get more social on cyberspace.

 11 months ago 

I imagine the same for husbandos?

Yes, cookie cutter men that can pass the standards where 99% of women on Tinder have set. And it's a half serious issue, elderly and loneliness, depression, these are things I see the tech can be able to help with provided it has been refined enough to hold meaningful conversations with even if its artificial. The waifu aesthetics is just flavor.

 11 months ago 

There are a lot of social implications. I can definitely see the positives.

At the same time, I do wonder if that would hinder humanity's ability to become a spacefaring race. I'd imagine there wouldn't be as many of us if everyone can choose their own AI companion over an organic one.

I speculate everyone would have some Jarvis companion or a custom waifu personality that talks within their portable device. Have you seen Japan's vision when it comes to building AI robotics? amazing stuff to see these get integrated and how we can become efficient at building even more. As for the road to become a spacefaring race, I think it's a little detour as we would still need a lot of automation and AI thinking to drive some of the complex works in space navigation.

I have come to accept we stopped evolving as a race from a biological standpoint and let our tools evolve more for us. If we ever evolve biologically, it would be during adaptation to another planet. But like many humble beginnings, it has to start with waifus being a ridiculous start. Just as it was absurd to think selling water from a bottle would be a million dollar idea decades ago.

 11 months ago 

I guess we shall see where the future takes us.

I think that as we get closer to more and more discoveries we will be amazed at what an ordinary citizen can accomplish.

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 11 months ago 

That’s the optimistic way of looking at it.

Well, if Facebook is the front runner on it I am sure it will be an endless stream of micro transactions... :)

 11 months ago 

There will be competitors.

Speaking of comics, here the comic con will arrive in Lisbon in December! Which cosplay do you think suits me?

 11 months ago 

What do you have in mind?

It might be easier if you already have a theme in mind.

For metaverse,is going to change the world by also creating some private Job at home for people that see it as Job. But for Facebook metaverse, I'm seeing it as Scam to me

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 11 months ago 

I think people can find opportunities in either centralized or decentralized metaspace.

That's it

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When I was a child they used to teach us in school that automation would bring more free time to humanity. All those labor-saving devices would free up workers to follow leisure pursuits. Can you imagine? 😂

Of course the joke was on everyone but those in power. I focus on this statement in your blog:

A sad, but not impossible, possibility is that people will still be exploited by those in power. Or at least, profit from exploitation with little to no repercussion

The problem is not with the means of production. The problem is with people. It has always been so. As soon as workers begin to make inroads, those in power find a way to choke that off. We're a little like pack animals. Our default social/economic organization seems to be hierarchy. Some on top. Many on the bottom.

It can change. Will it?

 11 months ago 


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