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         In the past, I have mentioned about how the spicy nuggets at Wendy's were some of the best fast food I've had. What I don't talk about is one of the simpler commodities at most fast food joints in the US: the water.

         What's so special with tap water from Wendy's, you might ask? Well, it tastes different than all the other places I've had gotten. It tastes crisp, cool, and refreshing.


         Enter the Coca-Cola Freestyle. It's a fancy "drink mixer" that gives your a variety of choices. It's a vending machine with more settings. Of course, that includes normal drinking water. I've been to multiple Wendy's locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley and they all have this. You could search for a machine near you on the product's website: https://www.coca-colafreestyle.com/find-freestyle-locations/.

         I have contemplated of getting a machine like this myself and did some research into the cost. From this article, it is a pricey investment. Getting the machine itself would cost $2000 and more when you take into account of the amount of labor. At the end of the day, it's better to contact Coca-Cola company yourself for the cost. And yes, it is possible to rent them on a monthly basis.

         The fortunate part is, water is free in most cases. You go buy a meal at Wendy's, you ask for a water cup and they'd usually fill it up for you. Back before Covid, I've seen people stopping by Wendy's to get a cup of water. So, there's no reason for anyone to drop thousands of dollars for a fancy drink dispenser.

         If you are looking for a place to sink your money, consider adding this fancy piece of equipment in your home. It'll be some expensive, but great tasting water.


Doesn't appear to be a "hot" topic for commenters. lol. Maybe a less costly filtration system may deliver the same results?

 7 months ago 

I haven't found the one that tastes the same yet.

You know you have to calibrate those coke dispensers and keep them clean....that is exactly why you'll never find me ordering drinks from a fast food restaurant. Well, almost always never but I always end up regretting it....but I have been known to go through the drive thru again and give it back.

 7 months ago 

The only other places I get drinks from is Dairy Queen and Chick-fil-a.

I love Wendy's , they get crap for not being so good but they are actually one of the best. The spicy nuggets I love with the ranch dressing, guilty pleasure

 7 months ago 

I like the spicy nuggets as is.


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