Remembering my first phone

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         Remember your first phone? I recall a thing or two. I had forgotten that I kept mine in the electronics box when I stopped using it. I did have a phone as a teenager. In fact, I did not get my first phone until I went to college, at the age of 18.

         Being unversed in such devices, it wasn't difficult for the salesperson to convince me to buy this one. That was back in 2007, almost 14 years ago.

         As you can tell, this is a Nokia phone. I actually never knew the model of this phone during the time I was using it. Yeah, it was definitely written on the user's manual, but who reads that stuff? Well, it's a good thing that information isn't too difficult to find.

         Turned out, it is a Nokia 6275i. It's no smart phone, but it did all the basics and came with a two megapixel camera. This phone was the source of many of my photos during my first year of university. They were no HD pictures, but they were good enough for uploads to Facebook and whatnot.

         This model also had its own Wikipedia page. It would appear it's an uncommon phone in the US given only Cricket Wireless sold this phone. Here's the screenshot of the article:

         I didn't use the Bluetooth or the video recording features on the 6275i. I do want to point out the article's claim about custom ringtones did not apply to me. I was able to use custom ringtones with the help of USB cord and Audacity.

         It's interesting to know that I could turn this device into a GPS if I wanted to. It could be a fun project, but its usefulness would be debatable.

         These days, I'm sure you could get a better smart phone for $200. How times have changed!

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My first phone was the Nokia 3315. I knew a few others including a brother with one and I wanted one!
So at the time I was in year/grade 10 back in 2003, doing some work experience and I got $140 since I was there for maybe a month or 2, a couple days a week.

That cheque went onto buying my 3315 and was the first big purchase and my first ever phone I owned, it was amazing and I used it for years until I finally got a phone with polyphonic ringtones after seeing my cousin with it and wanting it haha.

Simpler times from 2005 and before!

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 5 months ago 

Things were definitely simpler then.

I know someone who actually refuses to use a 'smart phone'. No pictures. No doodads. Just phone calls and text. It's almost a data neutral zone. Have to respect that sort of purism :)

 5 months ago 

I think that's commendable.

I've noticed, even in myself, that I'm glued to the screen even during social occasions. Modern day devices are more than distractions, they are like traps.

I cant even remember the details of mine other than it being a BT Cellnet thing, might have been a rebranded Sony Eriksson. I loved the thing even if it only held its charge for about 4 hours, lol

 4 months ago 

Gosh, can you imagine only having a 4-hour charge these days?

My first phone was a Nokia 101, I think about 1996. It was an analogue phone before gsm came out. I don't even think it had snake on it. Nokia were such a market leader back then, shame they didn't adopt open architecture and adopt android early on, otherwise they would still be a strong force in the mobile category. Sony made the same mistake with Memory Stick, adopting cross company standards on SD cards too late leaving them with a diminished market share. It wasnt as fatal for Sony as for Nokia, but its a lesson for corporates thinking they can lock competitors out by forcing customers to use their products for everything. The next battleground for this is portable power tools, where you are forced to buy the same brand so the battery fits every device...I wonder how long this will last...

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I have never considered the battles in power tools before.

That would be interesting to see.

My first phone was a Nokia 3315, it also became handy when I needed to throw something in self defense. I can drop that model on the floor and I know it will still function as designed, to be a communications and a disposable weapon.

Leaving that model out in the open won't get it stolen nowadays, only thieves eye for smart phones now. I still remember wasting hours on laying brick game snake and space impact on it. Good Times.

 5 months ago 

Now, I wonder if @thegoliath also thought of using it as a weapon.

But haha yes on the snake part. I’ve seen a lot of peers who did that.

Not only is Nokia a prized artifact but it will support the Re-establishment of humanity once COVID ends. It is all that will be left, even after a meteorite strike the only remnants of human life will he, the Nokia

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The funny thing is, of all the old phones I have in that box, this phone is the oldest and in the best condition.

Oh yeah they last forever. My fav was the 5210 that they release that was blue. The smallest phone ever! Was epically awesome. Lol

Few years back i exactly had this piece and this photo made me remember those golden days when we used the phone to communicate more than entertainment.

 5 months ago 

You had this exact phone? Nice.

My first cell phone did not even have a camera.

 5 months ago 

I got myself a camera phone because I figured it would be easier than having a separate camera.

Mine was a Motorola from just a few years earlier, and even basic camera phones were outrageously expensive still.

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And let's not get started on the phone plans.