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RE: Got worms?

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Whether or not the patient was vaccinated or had Covid is not relevant or within the scope of this post.

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What hell are you on about?

Do you really think it makes sense from a money perspective?

It's infinitely more lucrative for healthcare systems to continue cancer treatments, elective surgeries, and other chronic ailments etc. than to settle for whatever bullshit compensations people say about making the big bucks off of covid.

Only Pfizer, Moderna, etc benefit from that.

Maybe the next time you ride with the waves , try checking the inconsistencies between your beliefs.

And when I say it’s not within the scope of the post, I mean it. Quit being like same mofos that have to bring up gender and race in every god damned discussion.

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Look dude, you started by going off tangent about something that has nothing to do with having Strongyloides.

I merely said not sure if he's in the hospital for this because this specific parasite don't usually cause severe problems.


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