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RE: The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

in STEMGeeks11 months ago

You be doing God’s work.

Also, he might need to update his profile. I’ve been labelled as “worse than Bernie” by some.


I should say that Bernie is back, you should have a look. Stim may be reduced to a zombie by now, mostly flagging your stuff and voting up @joanstewart's regardless of what it consists of. You are truly privileged Joan!

 11 months ago 

He’s probably trying to catch people changing their vote weight for extra curation. Lol

We have seen it in the past with him, every half cent counts..., jeez.

Happy 2022 to you too @slobberchops as for Bernie, Anddumbfuck his Trolls, all tend to roll like shit downhill.

Privilege is all mine to welcome you, make 2022 a better place for me and for you. SQL I tried in 2005 lost my cool not having time to penetrate the noggin so congrats on the coding it really helps.


SQL is a funny language, I know it to some extent and use @arcange's HIVE-SQL to find abusers sometimes. I am not so conversant with it and have some butchered scripts I got from @abh12345 who knows it much better than me.

I used to use it in SCCM (work stuff), for queries in AD. You probably don't know what I am talking about.

No clue what you on about, you right!

SQL didn't sink in... not then, definitely not now.

Will rely on people in know how to keep flow running smooth by supporting.

@joanstewart(4/10) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><