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RE: Plant Towers by Juice Plus. Green Up Your Classroom

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I actually checked out the price for these things. $50-ish a month for a year doesn't seem like bad payments.

Do you actually own the thing, or is it more like a subscription.

It's still no substitution for having a small plot of land, but definitely better than nothing, especially in an urban setting.


Our school purchased two of them. And hopefully will purchase more next year! I didn't know they had rental plans. That's pretty slick!

We are up in the arctic circle, so there is NO outdoor growing season unless you count harvesting wild tundra plants like arctic blueberries and mountain sorrell. Other communities have had good success growing tomatoes and other vegetables in hydro/aeroponic setups in shipping containers, running mostly on solar energy, with gasoline or diesel generators only necessary during the coldest and darkest months of the year.

Even when the sun is below the horizon there's still enough ambient light to charge batteries for a few hours with solar. Any little bit extra helps when you're so far removed from civilization.

 2 years ago 

That makes a lot of sense.

Now, I’m interested in getting one at some point.