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RE: Clinical Pathology Rotation So Far

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Haha, machines can be pain in the butt.

They always manage to error out at the worst time possible. Although at my work, pathologists generally don't deal with troubleshooting or maintenance of those machines. That's all done by lab scientists and department supervisors.


Same responsibilities here but out Chief training officer was a medical technician as their pre-med and knows the ins and outs of the lab. We're not expected to do the legwork but are expected to be able to answer the principle behind the troubleshooting and how it's done. I got overwhelmed by the amount of papers I had to sign and each sign contained my licensed that if I F up because I trusted the judgment of the specialist, it's on me.

I think I had 11 corrective errors written in a day which I had to sift through from a shift. And it's not easy trying to spot a problem when you're the inexperienced one. All I could do was just say uh huh, yeah, I see, as they explain, I appreciate their patience though, just don't want to get too comfy that they might take advantage of me not knowing stuff in the lab.

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Yeah, that's not fun. You'll get through it though.