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RE: Missing the Big Picture from the SolarWinds Hack

in STEMGeeks10 months ago

A few month ago, you talked about whether the government should protect the internet.

(It's this post here for context.)

It looks like the US is having a little issue protecting itself.

The "attack" feels like a proof-of-concept. That it is possible to do so without being detected until it is too late. And like you said, the intent and endgame is unclear. I'm a bit of afraid to find out.

 10 months ago 

They are having a very tough time! This hack is huge. But to be fair, the attackers are world class. Still, not looking good for U.S. agencies, businesses, and infrastructure organizations.

 10 months ago 

I wonder if American government is doing the same thing to them.

 10 months ago 

I would expect they are. That is why we have intelligence agencies.