Pens that are too complex

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         Looking for holiday gifts can be a tough task. Sometimes, you have no idea what you should get for friends and family. Sometimes, you get lucky and you come across little things you can include in the holiday package.

         I came across this multi-function stylus pen when @themarkymark showed me Kopo. It's an online shop with many unique and interesting gadgets. I'll call it for what it is: it's a nerd store.

         But, given many of my friends are nerds, it's a great place for me to dig around for goodies.

         Anyways, this item is more than a pen.

         It's got a stylus on one end for all your touchscreens. It's got rulers on the main body. And you'll see in other shots, it has a level as well. For the crafty folks, I'm sure that comes in handy.

         Screwing the stylus end off, there is a screwdriver head, two in fact. You can't have a Phillips head without a slotted head somewhere.

         The pen itself pops out via twisting. But, you can pull the piece out and it reveals the hollow body of the pen. I guess you could hide something else in there.

         You can refill the pen by taking the screw off of the back end of the pen piece. Turns out, you could use the built-in screwdriver on itself. I didn't buy any refills because I wasn't sure how great this product is. Although, I did buy half a dozen of them because I thought they would make at least novel gifts for friends.

         The normal pricing of this pen is about $25 a piece. Currently, there is a sale that allows you to pick them up for about 50% off. You'll get further discount if you choose to buy 6 or more. I took advantage of it and got myself at least half a dozen of them. Most of them will be gifted to friends later.

         Look around Kopo, you might find something you like, even if you are only there for window shopping.

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 6 months ago (edited)

I am not a fan of pens, a pencil fan myself. I use KuruToga .5mm pencils that the lead rotated as you write so it stays sharp.


 6 months ago 

That sounds interesting. Might look into it myself.

I am not a fan of pens, a pencil fan myself.

Watch out ladies, this guy is afraid of commitment.

Starting to buy gifts for Christmas! Where did you find those?

 6 months ago as linked in my post.

hummm....sounds interesting, would give me a way to disguise my screwdrivers, especially the philips which always seems to disappear faster than socks in a washer.

 6 months ago 

Seems like a strange item to lose all the time.

I think it's a "man thing" lol.

I just remembered while giggling that when my son's grandmother decided to sell her home and move into a retirement facility my sons helped her move, when they came to drop off an outdoor table and umbrella she gave me they brought me a box full of tools. They handed it to me and said this should replace some of the stuff we've took over the years. lol.

 6 months ago 

Well, that worked out.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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