Mask Mandate in Utah

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         This past Sunday, Governor Herbert finally issued a statewide mask mandate. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the live presentation at the time. I couldn't get in the state website, but the presentation is still there for all to see. In fact, you could watch it on YouTube as well.

         The state website lists the gist of the mandate.

         Some of the points may leave you scratching your head. Well, the governor is not trying to shutdown the state. He is trying to limit social contact. Of course, when you think about it, it seems somewhat pointless. People are going to be mingling during Thanksgiving.

         If things continue to escalate, we'd have to move away from in-person classrooms again. It seems silly to limit social contact while allowing sports and religious services. They are huge parts of people's lives here in Utah. I guess we will find out the stats in the next week and half.

         Would this ease the burden off of our healthcare system? One can only hope. I haven't been on the floors of the hospital lately, but I've heard they've gotten busier. Then again, hospitals have been operating understaffed for some time now.

         As with all mandate, there are always exceptions. You can read the executive order on the state website.

         I didn't think one would need to mention that you don't need to wear a mask while sleeping. I suppose it's to cover all your bases. Or, you could be cynical and pretend you are sleep [insert activity here] everything.

         Recently, I found out two of my friends and their immediate families caught Covid. Now, these are people who are not in high risk groups. Their children are fine despite testing positive. Most of them are at the smell loss stage. One of them could be asymptomatic and is planning on getting tested.

         I'm hoping my Thanksgiving plans won't be disrupted by guests having Covid in a few weeks. That would be a downer. Now, imagine Christmas getting shafted by continual surge of cases.

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So is the State of Utah paying for the weekly test that students are required by mandate, or is it another cost the student is going to just need to deal with?

How much do the test cost? How much is a family with two school age children going to have to spend so their children can be educated and learn what the Constitution of The United States says?

Why exempt prisoner from wearing mask, does the Governor not care if a person is in jail for a minor offense, (such as refusal to wear a mask), and ends up catching or dying from Covid 19.

I am glad I do not live in Utah.

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As far as I know, they shouldn't be charged.


As for your other points, online teaching is available throughout the state right now.

All health insurances I know about deductibles and co=pays.
Despite the fact that we have computers, not everyone has a computer, not everyone with a computer has an internet connection. So not everyone with kids are going to be able to attend on-line schools.

It took me a lot of digging but I finally found out what PIC stood for and that they are all counted in the covid tracking by CDC. Pulmonary, Influenza and Covid-19.
A screenshot from the CDC page:
cdc count.png

If you take out the influenza deaths only 101,910. The regular flu still kills more people than covid-19. Yet we have never shutdown the country for the flu. It is the beginning of the seasonal flu season.

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All health insurances I know about deductibles and co=pays.

I think they vary from state to state, network to network.

So not everyone with kids are going to be able to attend on-line schools.

There are school-sponsored options.

You either believe it's a worldwide conspiracy, or there's something more to it.

From what I understand insurance companies are footing the bill for testing one hundred percent. Hospitalizations for those without insurance is covered one hundred percent under the Cares Act. The hospitals get the same rates they get for treating influenzas and other upper respiratory illnesses under medicaid/medicare plus twenty percent extra to cover increase cost of PPE and other covid related expenses hospitals have endured.

One can't help but wonder if all the alarm bells are going off again because it's pertinent to try and keep people separated during the election process and transition process so they can't organize or share information to prove any potential fraud before votes are certified.

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Thanks for clarifying the insurance and payment part.

As for fraud, I don't think it was obvious fake ballots made to deceive. The problems seem to be more on the registration and counting side.

For example, PA changing time table and Georgia's loose resident laws if you are already US citizen.

Either way, I won't let the outcome bother me. I didn't vote for either candidate.

Oh I believe there is a COVID-19 illness. I do not believe it warrant's the reaction that governments have placed on it. The numbers don't warrant the reactions either. Look at the experts charts, they can't even make the numbers straight for the normal person to see. The numbers just do not add up, look at the box next to the one I highlighted (right side): then the left side: and last box:
only - 6,789 - deaths from influenza
Left - 228,934 - deaths from pneumonia
Last - 356,777 - deaths from PIC added up.

What do you think the strictly Covid-19 deaths would be if they removed the deaths from pneumonia from the total, and the deaths from influenza? Why no Covid only deaths numbers?

I don't think it is a conspiracy, I think it is an over reaction.

One reasonable explanation would be in the replication of the virus in some people leads to the pneumonia. If you had no pneumonia before you got covid then get covid that leads to pneumonia though the two are separate they've become interchangeable with both listed as cause of death.

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I don't think it is a conspiracy, I think it is an over reaction.

I can agree with those sentiments.

Although, my state has never implemented shutdown. We've only adjusted social contact levels.

The schools give the kids laptops or tablets and internet connection device they plug into their devices.

I read this the other day and meant to get back to it. I don't think it really matters what anyone says about mask wearing/COVID. People seem to be entrenched in their views, no matter what happens.
Here, in New York, we had a good taste of this virus early on. We lost people, friends and acquaintances. Young (40s) and old (late 70s). Yet, still there are deniers in my community.
Personally, I wore masks, and my family wore masks, before the mandate was imposed. And we practiced other precautions. If everybody had done the same, and was doing the same now, we'd all have more freedom. Oh well....
Stay safe.

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Idk. I'm not particularly fond of the governor or the mayor.

But I do agree that people should have taken more precautions on their own.

Can't handle the mayor, but the governor has really gotten a handle on the virus. I am grateful for that. My granddaughter had to have a test about a month ago. Easy to find a free testing site within a mile or two of the house. Was able to get a test the same night if we wanted. Test results (negative) came back in about 12 hours. Cuomo has a system. More than I can say for a lot of other governors.

Like I said before, I understand the governors point about not wanting to have the healthcare system overwhelmed with COVID patients, but if the whole country locks down for too long, we could hurt the economy to the point where hospitals close from lack of money, and then even more people will die. Maybe what should be done is close down certain kinds of businesses, such as vaping lounges, but keep most other stuff open.

I guess, and they talked a bit about it on Laura Ingraham tonight, as well as having read a bit about it online, the global elitist/bankers have what they term a "great reset" in mind....meaning their intension is to let it all come crashing down then rebuilding the entire system. It peaked interest the other day when supposedly Prince Charles made some comment that now Trump is out of the picture they can continue on with the great reset of society.

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If you read the executive order,Utah isn’t locking down.

If anything, we are more worried about Biden forcing a complete lockdown.

Don't worry, I don't think Biden will be president. I think the election was rigged for Biden, and Trump is fighting the voter fraud in court right now. Biden's margin has shrunk as fake ballots were discovered and excluded. I think it will go to the supreme court, and the election will go in favor of Trump.

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That would be quite the twist to end 2020.

I thought you seemed to agree with my views on the lockdown and all. The reason I say this is because I am on a blacklist now (meaning someone downvoted me) and was wondering if you downvoted my comment. If you didn't downvote me, then it must have been someone else.

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I don't see any downvotes.

On PeakD I am apparently not blacklisted, but I am on (Hive dot blog). My history also says nobody downvoted me, so combined with no evidence of blacklist on PeakD I assume it is a glitch in the website and nothing more. If that is the case it will pass. Thanks.

Hopefully we haven't seen the end to it yet.

Something similar is expected from our governor (Idaho) tomorrow. He's taking over public television at 1300 for a covid-19 press conference. We're getting to that place where healthcare isn't available. It is Partly from reduced staff and partly from this insane surge in cases

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We will find out soon enough.

It was just further pleading to wear masks and an announcement that national guard is being called up to help with logistics. For some reason, he thinks the reality-deniers will have their minds changed now. When asked, he said he thinks that having doctors and patients explain will sway people into believing they need to wear masks, socially distance, and wash hands

Basically no change. He did confirm hospitals are at capacity, but the hospitals have been saying that an three fourths of our school district's board of trustees think it's a conspiracy of some sort

Prep the morgue trucks I guess :(

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The school board. lol

I can't remember the last time they have a grasp on any state.

On Monday, the rules were "online only when he hit the red zone"
But then we were about to hit the red zone, so they changed it to "never do online only"

Only 4 people there. 3 decided that the whole thing is a giant conspiracy and changed the guidelines we had

I know people like to be crabby and think that everyone is attacking them. I've let them mouth off all the bullshit they want. I ask only one thing - if we don't have hospital capacity, tighten up protocols... even that we cannot have as they now believe the hospital staff and administrators have just joined the conspiracy that already included the governor and media. So set are they against realizing they made a mistake and should wear a mask, that they'd rather believe it's a huge conspiracy involving everyone in the world except right wing extremists. Only the hard-right knows the real truth! le fucking sigh

Stay safe.

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No choice but to.

I work in the labs, so it's a must.

I don't have kids or a normal job but the recent changes in Utah have yet to impact me in any way. Prior to the changes everyone wore a mask going into stores or anywhere indoor. Most of my shoots on set or when indoors I had to wear a mask and nothing has changed to my knowledge. No one is really talking about it anymore in random conversations ... not like at the beginning.

I'm certain things have changed for plenty of people but for the majority no one really cares or probably has any idea of what Herbert talked about they have already established a pattern of how they operate in Covid with their family, friends and co-workers and at stores.

Obviously this impacts kids the most... with their activities all canceled and it sounds like gets more students and teachers tested more frequently.

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It's really an odd amalgamate of rules.

I hope this will pass within the next year or so.

Christmas is shafted in most of western Europe. While the lockdown may be lifted before Christmas, it is highly unlike that the countries will remove the limit on number of people who can gather or extend the so-called "social bubbles" beyond before lockdown level.

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That's truly unfortunate. Hopefully, not a reoccurring thing.

Yeah, sucks big time. Especially for people like my parents where their only other family member/couple lives 60 miles away and thus isn’t in their social bubble.

Worse even for my mother and her sister it will be first Christmas without their mother. Our home was always the Christmas event location, gonna be very weird for them. Especially now they discovered that being retired is rather lonely, even as a couple, and they are kinda trying to get me to move across half the world and move back home.

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Sorry to hear that.

I think a lot of states are going to be moving this way soon. Not that they can really enforce it. I think a lot of the attempts to have already been shot down by the state courts. I wish people would just be a little more considerate.

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Well, what's happening in Utah is still not a lockdown.

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