Keyboard Cleaning

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         How often do you folks of the PC Master Race take care of your stuff? I can tell you I have not performed a deep clean of my keyboard since I bought it in 2015.

         You could tell there is quite a bit of dust build-up over the years. The dust you see is mostly from pulling out the keys. There are even grimes on the keyboard bed. Pulling out the keys is much easier when you have tools designated to do that.

         Cleaning the keys and the keyboard wasn't so bad. I took a few alcohol pads and wet them with ethanol as they dried up. The inside of some keys sometimes had dust in them. It was nothing a can of pressurized air won't solve.

         I didn't have to lay out the keys in the proper order, but I figured it would save me time when I put them back together. Since there were no electrical components in them, I could have put them through the washer for a much more thorough cleansing.

         The good news is that the device still works after the cleaning. I even typed up this post after the endeavor, so I would say it was a success! My keyboard has served me for 7 years. From the looks of it, it's got plenty of life left.

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If I was u, I might have made word combinations with keys. Atleast I would have written enforcer for sure. ;)

 5 months ago 

I have a one-track mind. Didn't occur to me at the time.

I've have keyboards in the past where the keys broke when removed.

One should start the cleaning by removing and reinstalling a few keys before removing them all.

 5 months ago 

Probably. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

How do you make a keyboard last seven years? Do you not drink coffee?!!

Actually one of the coolest keyboards I've ever seen. I love the backlighting.

Weekend is here. Have a great one team @enforcer48 :-)

I drink, eat and smash my keyboard still only 1 keyboard died on me in 25 yrs....

 5 months ago 

Wonder what Nathen does around his keyboards now.

.....drinks coffee LOL....

 5 months ago 

I'm somewhat protective of my electronics. No drinks nearby usually.

Times have certainly changed. I remember when you had to be a trained watchmaker to get the spacebar key back on! Enjoyed your post.

 5 months ago 

It's a bit different from all the other keys, but wasn't too hard to figure out.

I'd like to clean mine, but it's quite complicated to clean a membrane keyboard (the keys are more prone to break, and I'm not someone very careful tbh).

7 years with the same keyboard is definitely a milestone. My laptops/PCs have not lasted more than 3-4 years XD

 5 months ago 

Was never a fan of membrane keyboard.

But yeah, this is keyboard for a PC, so I expected it to last much longer.

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Never! I have a Hyperx Fps Pro and the keys are lifted, you can just blow the dust off ^^

 5 months ago 

Plot twist:

The dust is stuck underneath the keys.

Still not a problem since they are lifted up xD

Reminder to self my keyboard needs a deep clean as well! Thanks for some ideas here.

 5 months ago (edited)

For the most part, the dust won't interfere with functionality. But, it did bother me that I could see the dust from the backlight.

One key gets sticky, remove and clean, perhaps a great idea is to remove all and do it properly. 😅

That's the beauty of those kinds of keyboard. They can be easily cleaned even if you spilled your drinks over it. That is entirely different on laptop keyboards. 😁


 5 months ago 

I used to like laptops. Then, smart phones happened.

I am one of those very few people who is still a heavy user of laptops. 😁

It makes it easier when you have a mechanical keyboard too. At the very least a good quality one in the mid-price range. Some of those cheaper ones it isn't even worth trying to get the keys off and back on.

 5 months ago 

I can’t even remember how much mine cost.

Unfortunately, this is something you cannot do well with laptops... at least not with mine. I remember the time I had a desktop machine I was doing this regularly... This was like 20 years ago :D

 5 months ago 

It's time-consuming, but it's not like I had anything else to do last night anyhow.

Your post inspired me to learn the dark arts of pulling out keys. I have a Calibur V2 Pro that I haven't cleaned deeply since I bought a few years ago.

 5 months ago 

I just used a boring plastic one.

Right on. Mine came with a free wire one, so I'll see how it goes.

I clean it with !BEER

 5 months ago 

Video or it didn't happen.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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