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         I have previously written about the bacteria Delftia acidovorans. In short, it can metabolize metals. You may find them in the environment. That's what led me to look into topics such as bioremediation, etc.

         Lately, I have noticed an increase in the incidence of this bacteria. One of them caught my eyes as it was responsible for the patient's UTI. As you can see, the colonies shown on the CHROMagar are small and brown. They are unlike most of the usual colonies you would normally see in the media. A little search via Brave yielded the following results:

         It's the usual story: an immunocompromised person gets the short end of the stick. The last source points out that many occurrences involve catheters on that list. In other words, D. acidovorans is more opportunistic than not.

         Should we worry about it? Probably not at this stage. Our battles against infectious microbes are like cat and mouse games. Life eventually finds a way, sometimes unintentionally. That's evolution for you.

         If I work for another eight years at my current position, I wonder what else will become the norm in that time?

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Hello @enforcer48. It's terrible to think about it, isn't it?

For those of us who are blind to microbiology, the battle against infectious microbes is nothing. We don't care, because we don't know anything about it.

But it was always a problem when the effects of the battle caused us to weaken and lose. Even had to raise the white flag while resigned to waiting for death. The battle against infectious microbes is happening at any time and without us even knowing it. What should we do because you are an expert in this field?

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I'm not a doctor or work in the pharmacudicals.

But, the microbes do seem to be outpacing treatments. Hope for the best, I guess.

Very interesting. Hopefully it isn't something that we need to worry about. We have enough on our plates right now!

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Probably nothing to worry about, for now.

Interesting. I was doing some work for my former employer, we are trying to find RNA biomarkers in plasma from cancer patients that can be used for prognosis, diagnosis and/or treatment. One time I started to do a side project to see if I could find enterobacteria ribosomal fragments that could be different between patients x healthy donors. However, I found lots of nucleotide sequences that match soil bacteria. Delftia is not a weird name for me, I think that I found some, but it has been a while since then. At that time the people on top of me argued that was sample contamination, who knows right?

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They are contaminants until they are not. That's how it usually goes.

I agree! Life finds a way!

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life is getting ready to beat the inevitable rise of robots :P

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The bots will start fighting against each other first.


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