Ice Ice Baby

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         I came across this video while looking for things of interest online.

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         It does seem rather random, doesn't it?

         If you have ever tackled the subject of thermodynamics in your chemistry classes, this might jostle your memory. The most relevant Wiki article I could think of is the one about heat transfer coefficient.

         In short, it's about how heat moves between materials.

         Being a bit bored, I tried this out myself using a five-ounce silver buckshot.

         Lo and behold, the bullet started to sink into the ice in less than 30 seconds. It was cold to the touch afterward.

         I don't recommend doing this with your silver pieces as you might tarnish them by exposing them to the elements. Fortunately, my stash is kept in containers with silica gel packets that siphon moisture away in a remote part of the house. Honestly, silver is silver to me. I don't care as long as it's not radiating something harmful.

         Other than that, I think it might be a cool trick to show kids when an opportunity presents itself. I have no idea what they teach in school these days, so maybe it will never happen.

         Now, don't go laying 10-ounce silver bricks out on your driveway in the winter.

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I guess what they called Valerian steel in Game of Thrones—very effective against the frosty White Walkers—was actually silver!

 last year 

Now I know.

I line my driveway with Gold Bars! hahahaha... That's pretty cool and NOW you have me wanting to give it a try just for the hell of it.😁

 last year 

Do it!

Consider it done. 😁

Some folks use ice as one of the test to see if it's silver

 last year 

Didn't know that. Doesn't seem very reliable given:


But, I would imagine you'd be hard-pressed to fake it with iron.

Here is a video I saw on youtube. They use ice to test for silver too.

Silver is a good thermoconductor

 last year 

Simple yet rather effective.


Now, don't go laying 10-ounce silver bricks out on your driveway in the winter.

dang was about to do just that :P

 last year 

Do it...for science!

a shotgun cartridge against vampires o.O

 last year 


Thanks for all the support with upvotes!!


Also cool science.

 last year 

It's a very easy-to-do demonstration too!

You gave me a review on the topic of heat. 😊

Thanks for sharing.


 last year 

I've only ever taken entry level general chemistry.

I imagine this type of stuff in studied more in depth if I were to dig deeper into physical chemistry?

I did have 2 chemistry subjects back in college and a specific Thermodynamics subject, but we learned about this on general chemistry.

saw this on Twitter. Science!

 last year 

It's pretty cool how there are interesting stuff like this online.

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Thanks for bringing us the interesting & educational report, Leonis - @enforcer48. I wonder how it compares to other metals. Gold, Copper, etc…

 last year

Silver is at 430W/mK. Gold is at 320. Copper is at 400.

So, that makes silver a better conductor in that context.

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