Got worms?

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         You most likely have seen this meme from the House, M.D. series. It's never lupus. In a similar fashion, my department has a thing for Strongyloides. Often, when the floor suspects a patient of having some sort of parasite, we hop on the meme wagon. Of course, sometimes the patient does have it. I can only remember a handful of times I've encountered this parasite in my career.

What is it?

         In short, you got worms, Strongyloides stercoralis to be exact. What might surprise you is that this "parasite" can also be free-living. This means that they don't have to have a host to live out their lives. And some of you thought wasps are jerks.

         How do you get it? They live in the soil and they are more than capable of burrowing inside your skin and into your body. So, think about that next time you go about bare feet acting as if you are so one with nature.

         The funny thing is, many people wouldn't even know they have it because they are asymptomatic. So then, you might ask, why would anyone care?

         Remember how I said they can burrow into you? Yeah, they can literally go anywhere in your body, but they prefer to stay in your intestines. They may move up to your lungs every now and then so you wind up coughing them up. Oh, it's also possible to autoinfect yourself with them in a never-ending cycle. That's how annoying they are.

         As for how bad it would affect you, here are some resources to answer that question:

         The short version is: it depends on where they go. The issues can range from nuisance to fatal.

         The good news is, it's quite treatable. If you love your deworming Ivermectin, this is where it shines. Although it is still a long, drawn out, process. The best preventive measures are to have good hygiene and don't dwell in dirty places.

         In the images above you can see them in the scope. This is from a patient's stool sample. You could see the worms moving. The medical director had them placed in a chocolate agar to capture the "tunnels" they burrow. Since they carry the patient's gut flora, bacteria would grow where the worms traveled.

         To demonstrate it further, here's a gif of that action.


         The squirming you see are the worms moving.

         As for the patient, I would assume he is not doing so great if he's in the hospital. Whether it's due to the worms, is another story. That's information I did not bother to look up.

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It's never lupus

It's never sarcoidosis either, until it is, like with me. One Doctor told me, they used to have a drinking game in med school where they would have a shot every time they heard sarcoidosis or lupus on the TV show House.

As for the worms, well hell. That's just not what I wanted to see after drinking my coffee this early in the morning and not sleeping well.

 2 months ago 

These aren't that bad in terms of images.

It could be much worse.

This may be your best post and your worst post :)) Great reading but I'm getting ready for sleep. Will try not to have that image in my head.

Really, a great post.

 2 months ago 

The creepy crawlies be upon us!

if I could see all the organisms that living on my body I would feel disgusted but you have shown me some in this post

 2 months ago 

Such is life.

yeah, such is life some beneficial bacteria are living on use as well no?

So, think about that next time you go about bare feet acting as if you are so one with nature.

What if some hippie wanted to be one with nature so much that they burrowed their dong on the ground and it got itchy. Then had M2M action and that explains the worm on the stool because from your point of view, you're only seeing the partner that was unaware where their partner's dong came from.

I should be a screen writer for a mystery TV show.

 2 months ago 

Do it.

I never understood the meme "it's never lupus" . I mean lupus patients are not rare so it's kind of a random joke or maybe I'm square for not getting it :P Cool pictures and gifs btw :)

 2 months ago 

It's a meme that spawned from the series. I guess they kept on suspecting that, but it wasn't most of the times.

oh I see, it's a show thing. I always tried to understand it from a scientific view point, I guess I'm silly sometimes :)))

I didn't know about it as well

All for science even though this is disgusting! Couldnt do your job lol

 2 months ago 

We don't get parasites that often.

yeah my thought is the same

If someone had these worm AND pin worms, which are not uncommon, would they co exist or fight ? If so, who would win the fight?

 2 months ago 

That's a very good question, but I am under the impression that the pinworms tend to hang out near the anus where as these guys can go anywhere.

In fact, they don't even need you, but they can get inside you.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 75 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Whether or not the patient was vaccinated or had Covid is not relevant or within the scope of this post.

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 2 months ago 

What hell are you on about?

Do you really think it makes sense from a money perspective?

It's infinitely more lucrative for healthcare systems to continue cancer treatments, elective surgeries, and other chronic ailments etc. than to settle for whatever bullshit compensations people say about making the big bucks off of covid.

Only Pfizer, Moderna, etc benefit from that.

Maybe the next time you ride with the waves , try checking the inconsistencies between your beliefs.

And when I say it’s not within the scope of the post, I mean it. Quit being like same mofos that have to bring up gender and race in every god damned discussion.

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Look dude, you started by going off tangent about something that has nothing to do with having Strongyloides.

I merely said not sure if he's in the hospital for this because this specific parasite don't usually cause severe problems.


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