Got that second shot the other day...

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         The other day, I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine from Pfizer. My colleagues warned me that the side effects may be worse from the first time. Well, I didn't get much of a symptom last time, so there was a sense of anxiety going in.

         As usual, the vaccine stations give you the legal documents and FAQs before jabbing you. Here's a refresher from the manufacturer's website:

         Pain at injection site seems too typical. Even if they aren't debilitating, you could still feel it. The funny thing about fatigue is that I, along with many others, couldn't tell if it's from the vaccine. Most of us have been overworking for a while, so fatigue seems to be a given.

         The only noticeable symptom I had last time was a slight sore throat. I needed to clear my throat every so often. This time, it happened within the hour, but my throat didn't feel sore at all. I was trying to clear my throat so I could speak. Even that didn't last very long. True to the fatigue, I went home and took a nap. Today, I'm not feeling much different from my usual self.

         Looks like I'm another statistic. The State of Utah has reached out to about 5% of its population according to its website. From the same source, teachers and elderly are also among the first to receive it. The state cited that there are around 420K people in the priority list. So, I guess we aren't doing too bad in terms of progress.

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Look on the bright side, you got a cool plaster.
Btw, is that what you guys call it across the pond?

 4 months ago 

I call it band-aid.

You are lucky that you are getting the second dose. The UK has decided to go full on maverick with a 12 week gap unsupported by evidence

 4 months ago 

Only got it because I'm a healthcare worker. The public still isn't there yet.

We are still waiting to hear when we can get our first dose. I think they are trying to bring someone from the health department up to the school district to get us taken care of. I know a lot of people who are nurses etc. that have said the second dose gave them a lot of fatigue and body aches. It definitely sounds like that is very common.

 4 months ago 

I would be surprised if someone didn't have fatigue or a bit of ache.

I'm happy for you. Concerning news coming out of Norway about fatalities among the frail elderly who have received the shot.

Most recent reports suggest no direct link. Still, as an elderly (though not frail) person, makes me nervous about getting the shot. I will, though, when it becomes available.

 4 months ago 

I've seen that news floating about before the "no link" confirmation. It really casts doubts in people's minds.

Go out and have !BEER

 4 months ago 

No time.

I hope you are doing fine dear and take care. I have heard that there are some side effects to the vaccination. take care and best regards

 4 months ago 

I'm doing fine. I guess I was lucky to experience little to no side effects.

here in India, vaccination also started and there is hardly any case of side effects and things are going well so far. Hope you are fine and feeling much better.

 4 months ago 

I feel pretty good right now, thanks!

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