Got shot the other day

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         Here's a little story to trigger the terror in some of you.

         I took the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. The more rural areas do not have the capability to store Pfizer vaccines in extreme cold. So, they will be getting the Moderna ones instead.

         I work in a clinical laboratory. It was only a matter of time before the hospitals "encourage" the personnel to take the vaccine. At first, only frontline staff (think emergency room and ICUs) had the privilege of front of the queue. Laboratory staff were "tier 3" in the initial roll out before going to the general public.

         Then, they realized that the lab actually handled isolated samples of infectious agents. Thus, we got bumped up in the queue. Getting the vaccine wasn't all smooth, though. There seemed to be some miscommunication during their abrupt changes.

         Our lead sent me and some of my colleagues to take the vaccine on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the vaccine stations were not open that day. The room reservation notice was misleading in that we thought they were there every day.

         Anyways, we returned the morning after Christmas to get it out of the way. This time, we were able to receive the shot. They gave us the usual documentations and stuff before administering the vaccine. Afterwards, the administrators observed us for about 15 minutes. No one I knew had any immediate side effects.

         For fun, here is Pfizer vaccine component:

         I didn't have any severe reactions to the vaccine itself. I didn't even feel the sore throat until much later in the night and it was gone the next day. The mild soreness in the arm disappeared within a day as well. I heard the second dose is when things will get ugly.

         I had several friends texting me asking how it was. They are anticipating of receiving it within the next few weeks. I suppose they needed some reassurance that nothing crazy was going to happen to them.

         The second dose is not for another 3 weeks, so we shall see what happens then.

         If I die, I'll let you know.

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Remember that the jab does not make you immune from the virus, or stop you from transmitting the virus to others. The pfizer jab is not technically a vaccine, it's a pharmaceutical product, and it is effective 9 times out of 10 in blocking symptoms among infected people. It does not have anything to do with immunity. Also remember that once you have taken one company's product, you can't switch to another, even if a better one comes out. So hopefully the pfizer one you've settled on helps block the covid symptoms once you get sick, making the risks and side effects worthwhile. Even better would be not getting sick at all, but apparently that's not an option unless a real vaccine comes along, that actually provides protection from the virus. Nice to hear you're recovering well from the first dose.

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It's part of the job, so we will just have to hope for the best.

Yeah. I was a nurse in 2006 when the swine (or was it avian?) flu went through and they pretty much forced me to get the jab. I got a bit sick afterward but wasn't aware that vaccines could cause problems so just ignored it. Thinking back I wish I'd told them to stuff the needle and job, since I ended up only working as a nurse another couple years anyway.

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At least you no longer have to deal with it.

Don't worry, everything will be fine. The fact that your body has taken the first dose of vaccine is already a good thing. I wish you good health!

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Let us hope so. Thanks!

Good for you posting abou it. Obviously you're going to get Bells Palsy, become seriously autistic and end up laying on the bathroom floor pissing yourself and singing the crazy shark song whilst laughing hysterically....
Or you may be have become one of the first steps to ridding the world of this murderous virus ....

I won't be wasting my money on sending you adult incontinence diapers ....

Great post and best wishes to you and your loved ones as we move into the new year, one positive step at a time :-)

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We can always hope for the best.

baaaby shark doo doo doo doo doo

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Aww cute bandaid.

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That was the highlight.

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It's the simple pleasures.

Lucky you are not this guy who died 2 hours after getting the vaccine.

Or this guy who went into severe anaphalactic shock.

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Nothing is 100% safe.

But the question is whether an otherwise healthy person should take a vaccine that is at best 95% effective in preventing symptoms which has a 2.5 % serious adverse reaction rate when the rate of serious symptoms of COVID for healthy people is far far less than 2.5%. Around 0.1%.

According to the UK NHS only 377 healthy people under 60 have died of COVID.
Out of 2.3 million cases that is 0.016%.

I support people's choice but its important to get risks and benefits clear.

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On that point, I can agree.

For me, it's part of the job.

Now you're OMG, lol

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I think I am probably going to be getting it sooner than I had anticipated. I think they are talking about moving education workers up in line. Not above the front line and healthcare workers, but a little further up than where we were. I am thinking it might be within the next couple of months. Good luck with the second dose!

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Hope things work out for you too.

pretty good that you did it and you are done with it, the first dose! Also, it's pretty good that you and everyone you know is good and had no side effects

I heard the second dose is when things will get ugly.

i didn't quite get what you mean by that :P

Also, i read about side effects and stuff in some comments and i'll keep on hearing it.

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They say second dose is when you get more side effects. We shall see.

think positive. one side effect can be super powers :P

Nothing is 100% safe, but we need to take the best chance we can at beating this virus. Living with it is like playing Russian roulette: which one of us will catch it without consequence, which one of us will fall. Plus, an overwhelmed hospital system puts COVID and non-COVID patients at risk.

Hope the second shot goes as well for you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I hope it goes well too.

We shall see if I suffer from bad side effects.


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I never really got into the show.

It came out at a time when I was sick of the zombie genre.

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