Death Star in a Drink

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         When it comes to specialty tools and gadgets, I'm a simple man. One of such simple items is the Star Wars Death Star Ice Tray Molds. They are pretty easy to find and usually come in packs. On Amazon, you could get 6 of them for about $27. That's about $4.50 each. It's not too pricey if you are looking for some creative items. It's made of silicon, so it doesn't break easy and super easy to clean.


         It's also not difficult to use. You pour water through the hole on the top. Squeeze out a little bit extra because water expands when frozen, and place it in your freezer. Then, you wait.

         I have not timed how long it would take for the water to freeze to an acceptable level. I usually put them in the freezer before work or before bed so I can enjoy a nice ice cube in my drinks afterwards.

         Why would you want it? Because you get to have Death Star "ice cubes". On a lot of the reviews, customers lament that the ice weren't as clear and defined like in the picture above. That doesn't bother me. Mine seem to turn out okay likely due to the fact I let them sit in the freezer overnight.

         I have only used tap water to mold so far. The water in Utah has a lot of mineral content, so I wasn't too surprised with the somewhat dull looking ice. I may try to use filtered spring water or even distilled in the future as suggested by the manufacturer.

         Aside from making the obvious ice, I want to mold other food items. The easiest one I could think about is jello, or any gelatin food items. That would be an experiment for another time.

         Should you get it? This particular mold could make things a bit more fun for your social gatherings. It's also a nice tool for children making creative food items.


That is so freaking strange! I wonder how my friends would react if I served them drinks with such death stars in it! 🤭

 7 months ago 

They will join the Empire. Or die. Or both.

Darth Whiskey demands you accelerate the freezing timeline

 7 months ago 

Can't do. But, can increase input.

Just don't try those containers for hard boiled eggs. You crack the egg and put it inside but somehow it changes the outside structure of the egg which you can eliminate by spraying cooking spray of lightly oiling the inside by wiping down the inside with some oil on a paper towel...but then you have an oily egg.

 7 months ago 

Yeah I don’t think I would put egg in it.

These look like they would be great for the times I need some ice in my whiskey. I have some huge blocks that I use right now. I usually use hot water when I make my ice cubes. It freezes faster. You probably know all the reasons why better than I do.

 7 months ago 

Yes. The ice from this thing does go pretty well with a glass.


I have something like these

They are fun to make sometimes.

 7 months ago 

Nice! Those look fancy.

 7 months ago (edited)

The ones we have are just 4 silicon ball molds in a tube.

 7 months ago 

Ahh okay.