You Ever Have Number Sets Follow You? 666 777 444 on 3/2/21

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For All the Spirit Numerology Nerds Out There...

I usually see these kinds of numbers in sequence like this when something BIG is about to happen in my life. I take it as a sign from the universe letting me know I am on the right path to achieving positive goals I have been striving towards.


This happened a couple years ago right before the last time I traveled to Mexico. The day before I left, I opened a deposit box with #888 (not my selection), driving back from there across town my odometer crossed 888 miles, and my flight details I picked up that day had the number 888 on them (8 has been an important number throughout my life - wore 88 playing football as a senior in high school, my birth date number is 17, 1+7=8 - born in the 80s). After those signs, I missed the opportunity that was laid in front of me then due to a couple major distractions. I learned a lot, picked up some scars, and I have no intention of letting that happen now or ever again.

I published a post about this a while back but cannot seem to find it


All of the following are cropped photos of my PC monitor screen - not screenshots

Yesterday (3/2/21) I happened to look at the price of SBD bc well... the value of it has been crazy and weird which is fascinating to me, and it was valued at this price:


Shortly after that I checked my blog on Peakd and noticed the value of my most recent post (at the time) had an interesting number sequence that corresponded with the former:


The 3rd set of reoccurring numbers (experienced only minutes after the 2nd) was when I looked at my account on HiveBlocks to check my VP... guess what I saw?


Multiple 4's actually followed @Alchemage and I for a couple years a while back, but its been a while since this particular sequence has surfaced. Seeing all these numbers in this fashion yesterday was also witnessed live by @Hempress and @FollowMyLead - the latter is my friend who I just helped open a Hive account. I am about to onboard a few new users as well and will publish info about them with links once they are all active.

In a short time frame (for me only an hour or two) - 1 set of reoccurring numbers could be a coincidental happenstance, 2 sets is certainly a rare synchronicity at the very least, but for me, when you get three sets of at least 3 sequential numbers like this - it is nothing short of universal confirmation.
I mean what do you want? An angel to fall from the sky for just you to confess the secrets of the universe? We should never be arrogant enough to think that our problems and passions are important enough to warrant such a high level of focused, cosmic, energetic intervention, or that we should not have to earn that wisdom. The numerological, astrological, and (most importantly) every day positive interactions in this realm should be more than enough to satisfy the need to know if you are following a life path that is most beneficial to everyone and also makes sense for you personally. The signs are always waiting for us, you just have to open your eyes and be willing to accept the truth.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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My friend, numbers are frequency but you are the creator of your creatrix. If your frequency resonates with those numbers, they can be a positive affirmation to accomplish your dreams and open portals to do your own magic. They are a hint from the universe, so to say. Triple rep-digits are always very special.

I agree and it happens every so often. I need help figuring out what mic to get to compliment my new sound room/equipment -- just did a post all about it if u know anyone with experience to show it to. Thanks homie, need help opening this portal the rest of the way ;-)

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