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RE: Python Education Completed!

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Congrats with your Python achievement and wish a lot of success with the next one, JSON.

You mentioned you tried C++. I have not idea if this is gonna be a language used too much in the future, but ANSI C, C+ and later on C++ is used for many business-critical services which require reliability, stability and scalability at its heart. The internet companies may use different ways to create such business-critical services these days. When going into microservices, C++ may not be the default language, I don't know. I suggest to check what is used and what will be used in microservices design.


Thanks for the input! I know that within my company there are a significant amount of people that understand C++ because it's the structure of a lot of things like servers and all that but I don't know if I have the time to get into those types of things. I enjoy the things that I do but I'm more designed for between the underlying structure of things and the end user, if that makes any sense. I will eventually get into C++ when I get more experience but I don't want to start with the hardest language first. I would like to be able to get a foothold in coding before I go into really difficult code.

Understand where you coming from, and if thats they way you like to go about it, it shall be the way you go about it 😉😎🎶