Faulty Data Exposed: Reported Temperatures Aren't True

in STEMGeeks10 months ago

I once had the illusion that governments were meant to represent us and ensure that we were protected and allowed to be successful. Why else do we have armies, schools and roads? Somewhere along the line, we no longer are being represented by the wisest among us. Our representatives are only looking at the headlines. They no longer find out if a few people's opinions need to be challenged.

For several years I have questioned the veracity of people's opinions and the validity of people's assumptions. Earlier discussions, I questioned the models climate change is based on. The worst-case scenario model RCP 8.5 is so far out of line with the average of the climate models, not to mention actual data it shouldn't be considered at all.

However, RCP 8.5 is the model all the governments and climate alarmists refer to when they want to bilk money out of the taxpayers.

This video shows that we don't need to worry about the models. Even the "real data" is questionable. When temperatures were being taken over 100 years ago, often the thermometers were situated in pastoral areas. Before you go shopping the next time, I want you to stand on your lawn or the grass of a nearby park. Then when you go shopping, stand on the asphalt in the parking lot or on the roadway. Isn't it hotter? Imagine comparing the temperatures between rural sites 100 years ago to current locations. Is the world hotter or just specific areas hotter because the thermometers are in urban heat sinks?

They defend themselves by saying they can make an adjustment, but once you start manipulating the raw data, its validity is merely a question of conjecture. Suppose you floated a single buoy in the middle of the Pacific and only used its temperature data. In that case, one would have greater confidence than all the thermometers built beside air conditioning units.