What Do You Love About Math? - Valentine's Contest

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Hi there. As Valentine's Day is near, I would like to start a Valentine's contest. The motivation behind this contest is based from my work where this Math Love Day on February 14.

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This contest is simple as those willing to participate have send a reply to What Do You Love About Math? in the comments section here.

Three lucky participants will be chosen at random for a prize. Each of the three lucky winners receive 8 STEM each. I will use a random name picker such as this to choose the winners.

I will announce the winners in a different post on Wednesday February 17th, 2021 at around 10 AM EST. You have a bit of time to participate.

Answers in the comments section can vary. You can love certain numbers, certain math topics and math subbranches, certain formulas, certain equations, certain math models. You can have silly answers such as "I love how math hurts my brain when I solve this equation/proof" but try to avoid these type of answers.


Examples Of Math Topics You Can Love

  • Multiplication
  • The Number Pi Π
  • Euler's Constant e = 2.71828
  • Calculus
  • Compound Interest
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Addition
  • Negative Numbers
  • Black-Scholes Formula For Finance
  • Graphing
  • Greek Letters Such as α, β, γ, δ, ε, τ, σ, μ, ω, θ


For me I do love and appreciate random variables from the probability side. To be able to classify different random variables with their properties is quite neat I have to say.


What Do You Love About Math?

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Nice contest dear; what I like most about Maths is Multiplication. Cheers

Cross multiplication. I have used this skill so many times to profit when scalping for low buys in the market. Some of the alt coins are only in BTC markets, so I have to use cross multiplication to find out the USD price to track it.

I 💜 how you can find different ways to solve a math problem and get the correct answer..it all just depends on what works best for you!

I love Simultaneous Equations.
I just love solving for one variable to find another.

 2 years ago 

I loved imaginary numbers.

They are symbols of real numerical values that cannot be represented otherwise through conventional mathematical rules.

A nice math topic you chose there. When I first learned about complex numbers, it kind of blew my mind. The is interesting too.

 2 years ago 

Everything is spicier when you put trigs in there.

I've always loved complex equations step-by-step. Doing one step to get to the next and so on until arriving at the answer. And then going back and checking things so you absolutely KNOW you have the right answer. Very gratifying. It's been so long since I've done any of that that I can't give you any real "named" examples but...I do remember the satisfaction of spending 10 minutes "solving" something and knowing you got it right.

I love about math that from a philosophy of science perspective math is so much obsessed with structure and clarity but with regard to its development as a discipline far away from it, still in the flow and hotly discussed:


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Thank you for your submission for the contest. I have read bits and pieces of that article in the link. It seems like a pure math type topic/debate which is not my area of specialty. That Lurie book would not be something I can get into.

My domain was in financial mathematics (undergraduate) then I did applied statistics (grad school). The programming was stuff I picked up on the side and from self-learning.

Hello dear...
Thanks for the contest and I know I am late for the entry but still wanna show my love to math. Inlove the logical problema and yes multiplication....
Tha ks again...