My entry to Apps contest on STEMGeeks - Top Three Apps Used On My Smartphone

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Hi there. This post is my entry to the Apps contest on STEMGeeks hosted by @amr008. I do not use the latest and greatest smartphone as smartphone these days cost as much as laptops and PC builds.

I do get by with the Samsung A50 Android phone as I do not call much nor text much.

The images are screenshots from my phone. This first image is from Pixabay.

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My Three Most Used Android Applications



I do use Youtube on Android very often to catch up with content from subscribers. Some of the subscribers there got censored by Youtube and have moved to Bitchute and Rumble.


Brave Browser Mobile


This is my mobile web browser of choice right now. Like on the web version, you can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) on the mobile browser. You have to verify your wallet with a required minimum of 25 BAT.




Although I do use Gmail for work purposes and Outlook for family related e-mails, I do use ProtonMail very often. I use ProtonMail as my main e-mail now for logins and e-mail subscriptions.

I use both the website versions and the mobile version of the Swiss based secure email platform. The mobile version is nice as notifications do pop up on the phone when an e-mail arrives just like GMail.


Honourable Mentions

CIBC Mobile Banking App

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or CIBC is one of the biggest banks here in Canada. I use the CIBC Mobile Banking App for Android for checking my funds in Canada. No major tech issues appeared for me in terms of using the application or with transactions.



Lingodeer For Language Learning

Lingodeer is one of many language learning apps out there. I use this one sometimes as it has many languages to choose from and I think I got a discount on their lifetime membership. The learning format for Lingodeer is pretty much like Duolingo.



Thank you for reading.

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I don't use my phone a lot so there's not much app I have there other than the default application + protonmail + discord. In the future, I hope I can use a basic phone instead a smartphone.

Less apps is simpler as there is less clutter on the phone. Just keep the apps you use the most.