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Hi everyone. While Youtube is filled with news and entertainment, it can also be used for educational purposes. In this post, I feature some math Youtubers that I have been familiar with and do like. There are many more outside of this post.

Many of these Youtubers provide their content for free or at low costs. Technology has provided an enormous surge of competition in the education space. There are times when it feels that there is too much choice. It is hard to choose just one.

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  • Math Youtubers
  • Finance & Math Youtubers
  • Statistics Education Youtubers
  • Hive's Math Youtubers


Math Youtubers

Many of the famous Youtubers do entertainment type of videos. When it comes to math education Youtube videos, the content creators here are famous as the content they provide is helpful for students and for those who are reviewing certain math concepts.

Math education videos are great as a supplementary tool for those who find their math lessons at school are confusing or too fast. The videos are also good for self-studying purposes.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most well known nonprofit organizations out there when it comes to education content. Sal Khan is the founder of Khan Academy who has a background in electrical engineering, computer science and business (MBA from Harvard Business School).

The videos on Khan Academy started with mathematics and sciences videos. He also has educational content videos on art and humanities, economics, finance, probability and statistics.

Khan Academy's website is also pretty good for self-study purposes. They have lessons, quizzes and tests for measuring progress.



Youtuber patrickJMT was one of the first math Youtubers that I have discovered and used quite a bit. He still produces a few math education videos today but his most viewed videos are from 2008, 2009.

He rarely shows himself on camera but his video presentation is simple and easy to understand. The math videos are mostly of the format of mini-lesson with guided examples. Coloured markers also helps for visual learners.

Patrick's math topics are mostly high school mathematics with algebra along with university level calculus. He does have a few videos on linear algebra, matrices, probability and statistics.



MathDoctorBob is a smaller math Youtube channel that I used a little bit. Like patrickJmt, MathDoctorBob is focused mainly on calculus at the university level. He does have a couple videos on vectors, linear algebra, statistics and the dreaded abstract topic of real analysis. His presentation style is a teaching style where everything is displayed on screen and he goes over each part.


mathematical monk

Youtuber mathematical monk covers more advanced math topics at the upper undergraduate level and at the graduate level in university. He has playlists on Information Theory, Machine Learning and Probabiliy.

The presentation style here is pretty much like Khan Academy with the blackboard and coloured markers format.


Organic Chemistry Tutor

The Organic Chemistry Tutor is a pretty big Youtuber with just over 4 million subscribers. Tutorial videos from this channel include organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics along with math topics such as high school algebra, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus.

I have never used this Youtube channel but at first glance it does look organized, simple and clean. The use of colours helps a lot.



The freecodecamp Youtube channel is mainly a programming and computing education channel. It does have a few videos on mathematics, probability and statistics. The level of math, probability and statistics is at the introductory college/university level which is enough for a lot of people. Those who want something more specialized should consider other channels.



Youtuber 3Blue1Brown is a very big Youtube channel which combines math, education and entertainment with some neat animations. The math topics in this channel are more in the college/university level. Topics include calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, probabilities and neural networks from AI.


Other math Youtubers include NancyPi, blackpenredpen who is more calculus based, mathantics, themathsorcerer, Eddie Woo and Krista King who used be called Integralcalc. I have not checked these Youtubers out in depth enough for me to provide descriptions.


Finance & Math Youtubers

The field of finance does use a fair bit of mathematics and some statistics depending on the situation. The math in finance is not really calculus based (unless you choose to go that far) as it involves a lot of percentages, rates and exponents from compound interest. Here are three Youtube channels that I have used in the past.


This Youtube channel is mainly a finance education channel that does have some mathematics involved. You can study business subjects from this channel that are normally taught in college/university in Business Administraction (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs.


Nathan Whitehead Youtube Channel

A while back, I used to use this Youtube Channel to look at the quantitative finance videos. Quantititaive finance or financial mathematics was a really popular field where the applications are in deriviatives pricing, financial risk management and trading strategies.

This Youtuber covers the book Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance along with the mathematics involved in it. The math content in this is quite technical as it requires a solid foundation of calculus and probability theory.


Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle is a finance education Youtube channel. This channel specializes with resources to help with those studying for the Financial Risk Managers (FRM), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certifications.

The videos on this channel features mostly finance, financial markets and products, risk management concepts, credit risk and financial analysis. There are also videos on mathematics, probability, statistics, Microsoft Excel, R Programming applied to finance.


Statistics Education Youtubers

One of my statistics professors back then did mention that Mathematics is like a King while Statistics is more like a Queen. I sort of understand what she means but I also do not. Statistics is one major part of mathematics and is widely known because it is used for research, data collection, data analysis, understanding data and for data science/Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Many of the math Youtubers cover statistics fundamentals. The ones here are a bit more specialized in statistics.



zedstatistics is an Australian youtuber who specializes in statistics education videos. You have the videos on descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, statistical inference, regression analysis and probability distributions. He also has a small playlist on Survival Analysis which is nice in my view as I think this topic is underrated.



Statquest by Josh Starmer is a very big channel that has educational videos on statistics, machine learning (ML) and data science (DS). The channel does have some introductory statistics videos but the videos are more for statistics majors and those who want to pursue Data Science & Machine Learning.

Statquest videos typically begin with a short stats jingle of sorts. I am fairly neutral on these openings but others may find them entertaining. He covers a lot of the more advanced statistical concepts and simplifies it a lot with clean visuals. Highly recommended.



365DataScience is an education provider that covers topics related to Data Science. This channel covers Statistics, Probability, Microsoft Excel, R Programming, Python Programming, Mathematics (Linear Algebra), Data Literacy, SQL, Machine Learning and Business Analytics.

I do like 365DataScience as the production quality on their videos are pretty nice and their lessons are quite easy and simple to understand.



jbstatistics is a fairly big statistics education channel ran by University of Guelph statistics professor Jeremy Balka. This Canadian based youtuber features many videos on introductory statistics, introductory probability, hypothesis testing, statistical inference and linear regression. I use this channel from time to time to review some basics as I do not really apply these methods in my life.


Hive's Math Youtubers

Although there are not many of us math people on Hive, a couple of the math people on here do have Youtube accounts that do feature some mathematics. Here are a few of the math youtubers that I know of on Hive.

If I have not covered your Youtube channel and you are a Hive user, you can comment below.


User mes has been around for a long time here on Hive. He has a Youtube channel that includes on pre-calculus, calculus, geometry and trigonometry.



magicmonk is another big Hive user here with a Youtube channel. The videos are not entirely focused on math as there are other topics in the Youtube channel. The math tutorials are for primary school and high school math.



Math user fiveboringgames does have a Youtube channel that covers calculus and trigonometry problems from exam papers. His videos feature worked through solutions from Cert & CIE papers.

I am not familiar with Cert or CIE. It could be something like the SAT system in USA. In Canada and my area there is no SAT of sorts as high school grades are used for university admissions.


Thank you for reading.

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