Halloween Themed Math Problems

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Hi there. I thought that I would do something a little bit different with the math post. In this post, I showcase some Halloween themed math problems with worked through solutions. The problems presented here may or may not be realistic.


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  • Easy Halloween Themed Questions (5 Questions)
  • More Halloween Math Questions (3 Questions)


Easy Halloween Themed Questions

With these Halloween themed math questions, I start off easy. These mostly contain addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Example One - Chips & Chocolate Bars

For her Halloween, Chloe has collected five small bags of chips and ten mini chocolate bars. How many items did she collect in total?



Add 5 and 10 to get 15 items collected in total for Chloe.


Example Two - How Much More?

Alvin has visited 12 houses so far for Trick Or Treating. His goal is to visit 18 houses. How many more houses does Alvin need to visit?



You can think of it as 12 plus what number is 18. One can guess the answer of 6 or you can do 18 minus 12 to obtain 6.


Example Three - Giving Out Lollipops

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There are five boxes of lollipops. The total amount of lollipops is 600. How many lollipops are in each box?



Doing division in the form of 600 divided by 5 gives the answer of 120. There would be 120 lollipops in one box.


Example Four - Choosing Chips

There is a house down the street that gives away chips for every visitor each Halloween. There are four chips flavours in the form of regular, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar and Dill Pickle. The number of chips bags for each flavour is the same. Alice is the first to visit this house. What is the chance of her picking the regular chips bag?



There are four choices so the denominator would be four. As Alice would like the regular chips bag which is one flavour, the numerator for the fraction representing the chance is 1.

The chance of Alice picking the regular chips bag would be 1/4 or one quarter in this case. (Alice has to be the first visitor.)

A table can be created to showcase probabilities for Alice.

Chips TypeProbability/Chance
Regular1/4 = 25%
BBQ1/4 = 25%
Salt & Vinegar1/4 = 25%
Dill Pickle1/4 = 25%


Example Five - Impatient Aiden

Aiden is one of those kids who keeps asking how many hours until Trick or Treating. It is October 25 5PM and he expects to start Trick o' Treating on Halloween day (Oct 31) at 6PM. How many hours does Aiden have to wait for?



There are 6 days between October 25 5PM to October 31 5PM. You then add 1 more hour for Halloween 5PM to Halloween 6PM.

One day is equal to 24 hours. Six days would be 6 x 24 = 144 hours. Adding one more hour would be 145 hours for Aiden's waiting period.


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More Halloween Math Questions

Here are some more Halloween themed questions. These ones are a bit more technical.

Example One - Henry's Collection

Refer to the table below for Henry's Halloween collection.

House NumberItems Received
1Bag of Chips
2Gummy Candies Pack
32 Mini Chocolate Bars
4Mini Chocolate Bar
5Bag of Chips & 1 Lollipop
6Bag of Chips
7Bag of Chips
83 Lollipops
93 Mini Chocolate Bars
105 Lollipops
12Gummy Candies Pack
13Mini Chocolate Bar
14Bag of Chips


What is the most common item received (Mode)?



It is a good idea to use a table for organizing the data and displaying counts.

Item TypeCount
Bag Of Chips5
Mini Chocolate Bars7
Gummy Candies Pack2


Henry's most common item from the Halloween collection would be the lollipops with a count of 9.


Example Two - Unit Cost

Anna is buying boxes of mini chocolate bars to give away for Halloween. She bought five boxes of mini chocolates that cost $70 altogether. Each box contains 28 mini chocolate bars.

How much does would one box cost? How much would one mini chocolate bar cost?



Calculating the cost of one box of mini chocolates involves $70 divided by 5 to obtain $14 per box.

As there are 28 mini chocolate bars in one box the cost of one mini chocolate bar involves 14 dollars divided by 28 bars. One mini chocolate bar would cost half a dollar each or 50 cents each.


Example Three - How Many Ways

Chris has seven different mini bags of chips along with eleven mini chocolate bars from his Halloween collection. On the next day Chris wants to eat just one bag of chips and one mini chocolate bar for a snack. How many different ways can he do this?



Apply the Fundamental Counting Principle to this question.

For the bag of chips, there are seven choices to choose from. After selecting one of seven bags of chips, Chris chooses one of 11 mini chocolate bars. The answer here is 77 from 7 x 11 = 77.

You could also have a table of all the different ways of choosing a chip bag and a mini chocolate bar. By doing this you will find out the long way that there are 77 different ways of choosing a bag of chips from 7 and a chocolate bar from 11 different mini chocolate bars. I showcase a partial table of the ways here.

ChipsMini Chocolate Bar
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #1
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #2
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #3
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #4
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #5
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #6
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #7
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #8
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #9
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #10
Chip Bag #1Mini Choco Bar #11
Bag #2Mini Choco Bar #1
Bag #2Mini Choco Bar #2
and so onand so on


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Thank you for reading.

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Example Three - Giving Out Lollipops

One box of lollipops contains 80 lollipops. If there are 5 boxes, how many lollipops are in each box?


Doing division in the form of 80 divided by 5 gives the answer of 14. There would be 14 lollipops in one box.

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