Cars You Can Sleep In

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Hi everyone. In this technology post, I want to show some cars (not RVs) you can sleep in. The motivation behind this post was from mainly watching some of the new and upcoming cars from the recent Shanghai Auto Show 2021.


XPeng P5

Chinese electric car company XPeng has released their P5 EV vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show recently. The one feature that stands out from a utility perspective is the sleep mode in this car. You can see a sample of the sleep mode at the 4:41 mark from the Youtube video here.

The front seats in this car can recline all the way back such that you can rest your body with your head on the back seat. I have included two screenshot images from the Youtube video.




Volvo 360c Autonomous Car With A Bed Inside

Volvo has developed an autonomous concept car with an actual bed inside. The upright chair can transform into a bed where the back of the chair moves back to make space and there is part underneath the chair that comes out to extend the chair into a bed. (Screenshot below)


Here is one video of this Volvo car. The website is here

The inside of the Volvo car is like a mini hotel room. There is a TV in the front, extra seating for meetings, storage, and a table. I am extremely skeptical of the autonomous feature in this car. The idea of sleeping in a moving autonomous car does not sound safe.


Dreamcase Car Bed

This thing here is not a car but an accessory in the form of a foldable mattress for the car. Dreamcase is a bed in a box system for cars that is ideal for travelers. No need for a RV. There are quite a few videos out there such as this one that feature the Dreamcase mattress with Tesla cars.

Dreamcase has car beds for other car brands such as Audi, Lexus, Skoda, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Citroen.

I have not checked their website in great detail for pricing as there are so many models. For the Tesla Model S, one foldable Dreamcase mattress costs € 699.00 with VAT excluded for customers outside the EU.


Thank you for reading.

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It's important to sleep, and the possibility to sleep on the go can really make a great difference for a weekend vacation, or it can drastically shave costs if one can actually live in the car instead of renting some place (though, living in a car comes with quite some challenges). Some years ago my parents-in-law bought a Lada, the killing feature was that it was possible to sleep in the car. I couldn't believe it ... it was definitively not a RV, it was what I would classify as a "small" car - but indeed, it was possible to fold the seats into sleeping position.

At the other hand, when I was younger, we did a lot of tenting, or simply sleeping in the outdoors without a tent if it wasn't raining nor a lot of mosquitoes. On road trips, when getting tired in the evening we'd simply stop at some promising place and put up the tent. I even met a student in Bergen who was living in his tent. I do miss that sometimes, nowadays we have a big boat and always spend our vacations there. I believe my youngest children have never slept in a tent even.

This is amazing. One can sleep in his car if he was on a long trip somewhere and he wouldn't have to rent or go up to some hotel.

I know there will be some disadvantages though, but it is a great feeling to know you can depend on your car for some form of comfort at any time.

The idea of sleeping in a moving autonomous car does not sound safe.

This caught my attention. why do you say so?

It probably runs Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is a possible tiny risk that the AI can malfunction. What if the gas in the car or battery runs out? Just me being a skeptic.


I completely understand.

We need to be careful I guess