A Look At Some Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2023 Products

Hi there. I have a non-math post here this time around. I was looking at some Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Youtube videos and found some interesting things to share. Let's look at some Consumer Electronic Show (CES) products for 2023. I don't show some of the cool cars as I don't know much about them. Here is a video of some cars at CES 2023 if you are interested.



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  • Are These Things Worth It Or Necessary?, Too Much AI Products?


Consumer Products

Most of the pictures are screenshots from the Youtube source.

Youtube Source (CNET - Top Home Products Revealed at CES 2023):

LG Colourful Fridge

This fridge made by LG has LED doors with 193,000 colours. The colours can change with music. A cool looking fridge that can be a standout piece during family gatherings and home parties. Cost unknown.



Kohler Aromatherapy Shower Head

This thing attaches to your Kohler shower head which allows the consumer to input aromatherapy pods of some sort. I'm a guy so I am not their target audience.



Somasleep Eyetracking Sleep Mask

This sleep mask can track eye movements and your sleep patterns. Would this thing be helpful? I don't know.




LG Shoecase

This product is marketed towards sneakerheads. Place your pair of shoes in a personal foot locker. I meant shoe locker, sorry. Press some buttons to enable steam nozzles to deodorize your shoes after 47 something minutes. There is an additional feature where the shoes can rotate for showcase purposes.







A Wireless TV That Can Be On A Window - Displace

Source 1:

Source 2:

This 55 inch 4K TV has no wires or power cords that can be attached to any flat surface. The weight is under 20 pounds. It is battery powered that comes with a swapable battery and a processor box. The cost is $3000 with the 4 screens option as $9000.


Cutting Board With A Screen

There is this BLOK cutting board thing with a 13 by 20 inch display. The display is for showing recipes as you prepare ingredients and do a cook along. They do have a $39 a month subscription plan. It is a cutting board with a display and subscription. I don't know about this. Why not have a regular cutting board with a tablet beside you as you cook to follow a free recipe off Youtube? 😕


For your entertainment you can check out a few of the top Youtube comments.



Lenovo Double Screen Laptop - Yogabook 9i

Screenshot images are from the Youtube source below.


Lenovo has an interesting laptop that appeared at CES 2023. It is called the Yogabook 9i. The name Yogabook is very nice as this dual-screen laptop can be used in some many different ways and positions.

You can use the laptop in a regular way. One option would be having an on-screen keyboard. A second option would be to use a detachable bluetooth keyboard if you prefera traditional keyboard.



The Yogabook 9i can be used with a stand to have the laptop in a dual screen mode. It can also be rotated.





Are These Things Worth It Or Necessary?, Too Much AI Products?

A while back I used to listen to some Bill Burr podcasts. One thing that stood out was "Why does everything have to be so smart?". The products being referred to were smartphones, smart TVs and other smart products. It appears that the trend is to have a majority of consumer home products to be wifi connected and/or have AI technologies embedded in the technology. Cars are starting to have digital screens connected to the internet and autonomous driving fueled by AI and software.

One item that I will not buy is the cutting board with a screen and subscription. It is just unnecessary.

The Lenovo Yogabook looks nice. I do wonder about the durability.


Thank you for reading.

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Thanks for the summary, most of those products I think wont see the light of the day, but hey that's what innovation is all about, trying something new see how consumers respond. Me personally I liked the shoe storage that deodorises, looks kinda cool, as long as yoru shoes look cool too!.