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RE: The Anti-@stimialiti Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

in STEMGeeks2 years ago

Downvotes as a weapon? No, surely not? 😉
I thought our mutual friend @steevc said one can't lose any rewards because they're not paid out yet? 🤣

Isn't it a sad day when folk have to write an anti-downvote script. #LeSigh


I doubt I ever said that. I may have said rewards are not final until payout. They can go up or down before that.

Downvotes are the decentralised way to deal with abuse, but people will abuse them to be nasty. Just part of the freedom of Hive. Mr Chops is enjoying the challenge of cancelling the minor effects of this aggrieved abuser. He's getting to learn some Python. The beem library is pretty comprehensive if you want to automate anything.

You do seem to sigh a lot. I hope it's not too wearying :)

It's a sign sigh of the times. 🤣