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RE: Sadly my laptop CPU is not supported for a Windows 11 upgrade

in STEMGeeks6 days ago

7th Gen CPU. You can download the Upgrade from this link it is safe. Must be done from the machine you wish to upgrade. Microsoft initially let you put it on any CPU. The current situation is officially it is 8th Gen or better; however, it seems MS has goofed, and the download will still install on any CPU we have it on a couple of 7th Gen here at work. Be warned, though. It wouldn't surprise me if MS released an update that borked all W11 installs on CPU's older than 8th Gen.


The upgrade link is also forcing me to do a health checkup first and then proceed with the installation. I saw in some of the videos that even the ISO file will do a PC health checkup and we have to delete a .dll or make registry changes to bypass the check.

As you said, it can be challenging later if MS pushes some update that breaks the w11 install. I'm going to stick to W10 or just do a Linux install.

I run both. I'm currently typing this on my Linux Laptop. 🐧