Learning Networking through Cisco Packet Tracer

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It has been two weeks since our class started. There have been numerous subjects introduced to us. And one of those subjects is networks and communications. Although I was very familiar with the basics of computer networking, it was kind of different to use software that visualized how they were connected. In addition, I am quite sad and disappointed with our professor because he was talking fast and, at some certain point, we had to record what he said.

An image edited in Canva. The original image was from Unsplash by Alesia Kazantceva

The application we are using right now is what you call Cisco Packet Tracer. Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation program that allows students to experiment with network behavior and ask "what if" questions. As an integral part of the Networking Academy's comprehensive learning experience, Packet Tracer provides simulation, visualization, authoring, assessment, and collaboration capabilities to facilitate the teaching and learning of complex technology concepts.

The main network I created with the main and secondary switches.

Cisco Packet Tracer's advantage is that it enables users to build networking simulations of various network topologies. It implies that you won't need to get numerous laptops or PCs for everything to work out for you. The Cisco Packet Tracer can complete the task without the use of real PCs or laptops. For those of us students who wish to learn networking, it is practical. I was still in the discovery phase, so I wasn't familiar with all the features.

It appears to be simple to make based on the image. Yes, you're correct. But it took me a while to put this overall structure together because I was also considering the topology I should use and how I would work with each switch individually. You can see the WAN Router at the top (wide area network router). In essence, it serves only to link the router to the modem. It has a link to the LAN router (local area network router). In my network, there are two switches: the main switch and the secondary switch. The secondary switch, meanwhile, is still linked to three more devices in addition to the main switch.

The LAN router IOS command line interface.

Since it has a picture of what it is, this is a visual simulation of the LAN router just as it would be if you were to use one physically. The router may be navigated, configured, and you can select the desired type. The CLI, or IOS Command Line Interface, is what I believe I employed during our activity the most effectively. It was excellent. It was ideal for establishing and setting up switches and routers.

The PC01 physical module selection.

Our professor only provided a few examples of how to correctly create a topology and other things during our activity. Therefore, we will choose the topology type and the number of connected devices. As for me, I'll use PC01 as my example; as you can see, all the ports to the PC that have access will be displayed. One thing I observed is that there is a succinct, helpful explanation of the function of any module component if you click on it. Undoubtedly, it makes it simpler for the user to navigate.

The PC01 is the desktop/computer selection.

On a desktop or PC, there are numerous options available for a user to navigate and fully control. You can enter the desired information and set up each choice whichever you like. In recent days, I've looked into the IP Configuration, Terminal, and Command Prompt. Consequently, I haven't inspected the others and am currently learning the appropriate inputs or commands for each of them. A bad command will result in a bad output and will cause networking issues.

The PC01's IP configuration is under the desktop selection.

The main switch's IOS command line interface.

The secondary switch's IOS command line interface.

You may set up this example IP configuration using a command prompt. At the command prompt, whatever you modify will also be reflected in the IP configuration. You essentially have two options here: DHCP or Static. Nevertheless, since it was necessary for the task I was working on, I would use DHCP. Depending on the command you enter into the main switch, the IPv4 address will change.

I was trying to use the ping command for the PC03.

We were instructed to use the ping command to see if my activity had succeeded before it was completed. So, what is the principal reason for using the ping command? The software tool ping is used in the Cisco Packet Tracer to check whether a host is reachable on a network. A network engineer must be familiar with how ping functions in actual networks. A series of ICMP echo request packets are sent to the chosen host as part of the ping command. One of the simplest and most popular troubleshooting tools is this one. When you are in privileged EXEC mode and omit the host from the command line, the router prompts you for the remaining information.

Cisco Packet Tracer's primary goal is to give customers a virtual simulation environment where they may access and operate the networking system completely without the need for actual hardware such as routers and switches. It offers a practical exercise to hone one's aptitude for setting up, troubleshooting, and designing a variety of networks and models. As a result, it consolidates a complex model into a single view, making it easier to administer.


I re-read atleast 4 times denn haha just like what you did in my field and I found some information oops in my heads getting curious about your metaverse over mine, lol.

So this structure and design could be used if I could put out a computer shop business? Where I coold connect the numbers of PC on one settings computer? Woah seems like technology is coming innovative.

Soon as my life developed by business that will be used computers. I might need this one haha.

More of this, somehow gives me information too.

Oh my gosh! I hope your head doesn't get hurt reading and understanding some of the terms here since you are not a computer-related course graduate.

Erm, yeah, you're right. Computer shop is one of the best example of network topology and if you use Cisco packet tracer, then it will help you to visualize the whole network.

If you're planning to put up a computer shop business, then using this application can help you address the common problems. Will be easier for you to configure, troubleshoot and fix emerging problems bro.

I appreciated your time reading this, bro.

Haha well, they called me versatile I could cope any of things in the earth whahaha. Good morning.


That's nice, bro! Being versatile is really a good characteristic we need to possess. Yeah, good morning. 🤍

I just notice you're a compsci student! btw if you want to check out programming/dev community there's the community for that : https://peakd.com/c/hive-169321/created. I am bookmarking this! I learned a bit of networking when I was in highschool but I stopped doing that and never level up to even use Cisco packet tracer. We need more compsci student and devs around here :D

Oh, yeah, I'm a computer science student and also a graduating this school year. I have checked out the programming and dev community before but I haven't posted anything yet. I would definitely share something.

Oh gosh, thanks for bookmarking this. I hope you learn something and I will share some of the elements, configuration and troubleshooting once I've finished the lesson. Hihi.

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You study while you earn. Hitting two birds with one stone. You can't make a blog as detailed as this one if you didn't understand the lesson. Good job!

It's nice that Cisco is one of the subjects offered in your class. In my case, we only had a glimpse, and was offered only as an elective because the department is more focused on microelectronics.

Looking forward to more blogs like this from you! 😊

Yup. Learning and earning at the same time. I think it's a good thing since I am able to share what it's like studying computer science. It's hard since there are plenty of technical terms and it's very complex.

Oh, microelectronics seem very hard as well. I wonder what makes up of a microelectronics subject. I have an idea about what it is, but gosh.

That is very interesting! Networking is pretty challenging, balancing demand and what you have got there.


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What an explanation! Well done YOU.


Thanks @chichi18. It's quite hard to understand, really.

I just only knew some basic stuffs when it comes to this computer things because I'm not that very expose to it. I don't even own a lappy now or accessing a computer for a long time. What I can just say is that you're in a mind draining field denny.. Huhu..
By the way I'm rooting for you to become successful in this field because in the future, this field will boom for sure for the reason that they're going to make this world into more advance.
Plus you're good at your time management with all that stuffs plus here hehe and to the other side as well.👏

It's okay, bro. Learning is continuous and you don't need to know it all. Even I as a computer science student, I learn beyond what's discussed in our subjects. I know you can buy your own lappy very soon, bro. You're one of the pals I know that is very hard working.

You're right about that kuys.. Knowledges must not stop from coming in into our minds. We can use it for future use.
Yiee really hoping for that kuys. For now I must focus in my priorities kasi.

I am shy, very shy to tell that I am a BS Computer Science graduate because at this moment I never remember anything about programming or any related topics. I never work in that field after I graduated and it makes me forgot anything. This is also the disadvantage of taking a course you don't really like, and it's not your field.

I can say that I am good at it back when I was still a student but now? I don't know. I don't remember anything. How sad.

Keep it up @dennnmarc I know may mararating ka sa pinili mong field.

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