My hand made tools

in STEMGeekslast year (edited)

We had a small problem with cleaning the fish by rolling out the intestines through the gills without damaging the fish specifically
Hake ( Lat. Merluccius merluccius )

the workmanship was such that I cut a piece of the handle from the broom

put in a lathe and turned two handles for two pieces

I drilled 3 mm holes and inserted a stainless steel wire with a pointed tip and bent about 7 mm long

I drilled holes to set the ropes so it could be attached to the hanger

with a soldering iron I engraved them with angular and round Glagolitic and Roman numerals year XXMM - means 2020

I decorated it a bit

with a soldering iron I made holes so that the tool does not slip while in use

this makes it look almost very practically efficient to work with.


The photo text and crafted tools are mine I hope can also help you in facilitating a particular job as a menu around cleaning fish so as not to damage the whole thing coming to the store.
Have a nice day everyone on Hive


Wow! Very useful skill you have there! It’s so nice you could make things with your hands!! You should show some photos on how to use these tools in another post!


maybe at the first opportunity :-)

Great! That’ll be very interesting to me!


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In my country, people used to use fish-knife and their own hands to clear the intestines inside the fish. But you've successfully invented something creative by using your brain which is very helpful regarding this case. Really it's fascinating. Can't wait to see many more creative inventions by you. Thanks