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RE: Sometimes Things Just Go Wrong

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I know nothing much about 3D printing, but the lines and gaps suggest you're in some trouble. I'm not exactly sure how to overcome that, perhaps cooling? Perhaps the material? Perhaps the heat? I have no idea and do not want to give you even more trouble trying to answer me.


Hello, thank you for the feedback @davidke20,
In this case, heat and cooling is not the issue (although too much or too little heat will cause similar problems!)

Best way to describe it is like this.

That roll of filament, has to be fed to the nozzle with a little motor.. if the motor doesn't feed it fast enough , or feeds it too slow, you have flow problems, extrusion is the technical term.

You can also adjust that flow specific to inside structure (infill). wall (shell) thickness, as well as layer height, and first layer height.
There are so many settings to fiddle around with in this area.

Have a great night, and thanks again for the great feedback and support!