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It's often said that good food is vital to the body, and besides, we project what we eat. There's a saying which states that "if you refuse to make food your drug, a moment will definitely come when you might certainly make drug your food." Many in the beed to lose weight decides to fast, which is great at times, but when your fast gets too frequent, it might result in undesirable health conditions we need to deal with. Many go as long as taking more cucumber fruit for the sake of weight loss while many exercise excessively, which isn't fair for our health as well. All we need to do is keep our body in moderation.


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There's a need for us to maintain homeostatic balance by taking the right kind of meal and never letting our meal consumption be excessive. From the school of thought i learnt that when you eat much, the food is converted to glucose and when in excess in the body, it converts to glycogen, and when still in excess, it's stored as body fat.

Many people from my region thought being fat or plumpy is a sign of enjoyment and good living, but on the contrary, it's not in all respect. When fat becomes too much in your system, it produces heat, which accounts for the reason why most fat and overweight individuals get hot due to changes in the weather conditions of the atmosphere. Many fat individuals still sweat even when there is cold, which calls for personal concerns at times. When the level of fat in the body exceeds the normal range, then such an individual is said to be Obese.

Now the question you might be thinking now may be; What is obesity?

In a more precise term, i can say; "Obesity" is simply the excessive accumulation of fat deposits in the body, which might result from excessive food consumption coupled with the lack of adequate exercise or sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is a situation where someone becomes more than being overweight, and it can be observed and measured by the use of a tool that weighs our Body Mass Index ratio (BMI).

Symptoms of Obesity
These may include

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries preventing free flow of blood from the heart due to plague formation in the blood vessels)
  3. Dementia
  4. Heart attack
  5. Hypertension
  6. Breathing difficulties
  7. Sleep apnea
  8. Low self-esteem among vibrant and healthy looking colleagues
  9. Frequent tiredness

Factors that can lead to obesity
Among many other factors that lead to being overweight and obese include

  1. Genetic factor: There's a possibility you may later become obese provided your family lineage is obese and this can be traced through the gene. Though I've seen a situation where both obese father and mother gave birth to a normal child.

  2. Environmental factor: living in an environment where products and services are available do not require much stress to get what you want. Some people tend to relax due to this reason exhibiting sedentary lifestyles, which may result in obesity.

  3. Sedentary lifestyles: excessive sleeping, laziness, sitting, typing, or plaiting of hair while on seat, and many more of such a habit may lead to someone being obese. working online from home at regular intervals (24/7) without any reasonable effort to move or exercise the body from place to place may result in someone being pverweight and obese as well.

Despite the fact that obesity is an issue of concern to those affected, there's a need to reduce the intake of fatty food and exercise more. Minimise your level of consuming sugar and junk food and take more and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fruits are rich in vitamins and fibre, which hastens digestion and assimilation of food particles in the body coupled with bowel movement.

Living a healthy lifestyle, exercise the more you eat. Lessen your meat consumption and take meals rich in omega3 fatty acid. Avoid the use of saturated oils in cooking you meals e.g groundnut or catfish oil. Rather use unsaturated vegetable oils. Not all fish should be fried. You can boil your fish, which is better.

Provided that we're able to keep to these rules, we'll definitely witness a positive change in our body system, and your health will be restored back to you. Don't forget that "You are what you eat."

Note: This post is my original work made without the consultation of a website or an article.


Thank you for your time and do have an amazing moment.


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Here you go again, representing yourself as an expert in nutrition and the potential health risks of poor diet...and even saying you didn't reference this information from anywhere.

Please explain to me the link between obesity and dementia.

You know what...Don't bother.

Just stop what you're doing, representing yourself as an expert, telling people you come with all of this stuff yourself. This is spun content, nothing more. If you keep doing this you'll not earn a cent, I'll not say it again, just send your rewards back to the reward pool.

@galenkp I only wrote on what i know as a biochemist (i never said I'm an expert), and besides, it's not a spun content as you thought (God bear me witness). This is really unfair, and you were the more reason why i made it known that i never consulted a website or an article.

If i had included dementia and you're not satisfied with it, then you should make it known to me in the comment section rather than downvoting my post.

I can't speak to obesity. I can speak to the importance of eating when you have something like diabetes. Not eating well can hurt you in more ways than one. We should each be conscious of what we eat.

That's true @scholaris.stem. We are what we eat and that's the more reason to be cautious.

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